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Report: Blues head coach hunt takes another twist as compensation fee revealed for target

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A gamble for sure, but the question is, will it be worth it?

According to a report from Alan Nixon at The Sun, Charlton Athletic are set to ask for £750,000 in compensation for Lee Bowyer if any club were to appoint him this summer, be they Birmingham City or anyone else.

With The Addicks currently teetering above the relegation zone right now, that injection of cash could be vital for them next season, whatever division they end up playing in. Although given Blues aren’t totally out of the relegation picture yet either, it’ll be interesting to see if we could be able to afford that much for a new boss if we were to slip down a tier, although hopefully we don’t have to go there.

I’ve spoken before about the pros and cons about the prospect of appointing someone like Bowyer when he was first reported to be interested in taking the job a few weeks ago.

Even though he doesn’t fit all of the supposed parameters that the club have set when it comes to the new boss, when you consider what he’s done so far in his managerial career and what he’s had to deal with, it seems like there could be potential for a pretty good partnership brewing in B9 between the club and Bowyer.

Is Lee Bowyer the perfect candidate for us?





But as I hinted at earlier, I think some of this is going to be dictated by what division we find ourselves in. If we are in the Championship, then I don’t see any reason why this isn’t a gamble worth taking to hopefully take our club in the right direction, even if it’s just one step.

I mean, it worked with Gary Rowett.

What about you? What do you make of this news regarding Bowyer?

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  • Luke Gill says:

    sign jokanovic as our next manager instead

  • R Smith says:

    Just which of the people we fancy is going to come and manage us when we are in League 1? And I am pretty sure that’s where we are heading. No doubt Ren will be the man in the dugout for our opener at Shrewsbury or Rochdale.

  • Bob Taylor says:

    After the last 3 games from our players it’s plane to see there’s no stability no fight no passion no game plan it’s all gone we need someone in to bring this all back & someone who wants to be at our great club get sol Campbell & Kevin Philips in show us you care sol Campbell & Kevin Philips that would take care of defence & attack get us to safety & we can push on next season for promotion think big we can do this with the right people KRO

  • Rob says:

    thats all I hear push on from here for next season . Its said every season but it makes no difference to the shower of sh@t that play week in week out , we have no money for grass seed let alone players, for last 5 seasons with have been playing with fire and i think this season we are going to get burnt big time and you know what its what we deserve. Until the clowns sell up and fu@k off things MIGHT start to change

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