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Report: Former Blues boss interested in returning to St Andrew’s, but isn’t in a rush to do so

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Well, after the result and performance yesterday, it’s good to see that there’s some positivity out there for us to potentially look forward to.

Although when I say positive, it depends on who you’re asking, as it seems as though not every member of the fanbase was that comfortable with the idea of appointing him last month. But maybe the recent plummet in form will give fans a reason to change their mind on the situation.

According to a report from Alan Nixon at The Sun, former Blues boss Chris Hughton is potentially interested in returning to the club, and is waiting to see what happens at other Championship clubs before making a firm decision.

He states that Bristol City and Fulham are both also in Hughton’s sights, with the Robins looking for a new boss following a new head coach following the sacking of Lee Johnson last week and Scott Parker potentially in trouble at Craven Cottage if he doesn’t secure promotion for the Whites.

Now for me, this feels a little bit strange.

Was allowing Chris Hughton to leave the club's biggest mistake of the last ten years?





Yes, it’s nice to see Hughton linked with us in a slightly more concrete manner, he had great success during his one season at St Andrew’s, so hopefully he can come back and replicate that. But the way I read this, is that we are essentially his third choice when it comes to his preferred choices for his next step in management, and it just leaves me feeling a little bit uncomfortable.

Whilst I can understand him wanting to assess options and look at the best choice for him, it does seem like his heart wouldn’t be fully into making a move here, and whilst it’s still better than nothing, I just get the feeling that it might affect things later on in his tenure if he were to be re-appointed.

It might be easier for his head to be turned should another club come after him. ‘Well I was never all that enamoured in the first place, it was somewhere I settled for’. Do you get what I’m saying?

What about you? What do you make of this news regarding Hughton? And do you have a problem with him waiting for other developments before making his mind up?

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  • Chris Martin says:

    If we’re his 3rd 4th or 5th choice I personally don’t want him, if he wants to come then great, but don’t use us as a platform til something else comes along like he did last time.

  • Chris Martin says:

    Also you’re poll is complete bollox because we didn’t “get rid” of him last time, he walked out on us for Norwich.

    • Matthew Baldwin says:

      You’re right. Now I think about it, it could be worded better given the situation. Shall we say ‘allowing him to leave’?

  • Rob says:

    Great manager and love to have him back at the helm but like you Chris I’m a bit worried if we are his 3rd choice . We need a manager who is committed to the course

    • Chris Martin says:

      Rob I agree mate, also we need some serious stability but I fear that we’re never gonna get that with the current board especially as Ren sees us as his own real life football manager game.

  • R Smith says:

    He has walked out on us once and now sees us as his back up if a job he really wants doesn’t come up. Sorry Chris but I’d rather you went somewhere else.

  • MA24 says:

    Hughton has always been my true love and first choice, but its widely believed that he doesn’t really want it and to be fair, we aren’t as attractive as Fulham or Bristol City. The problem for him however, is that he really needs to get back into management sooner rather than later and he isn’t exactly spoilt for choice. I agree with the sentiment he’d be with us for a season at most but that’s all we need to turn it around. That being said though I’d love to see Jokanovic here given the similar job he did at Fulham. Whether its realistic is another question though.

  • Sam says:

    We are doomed – honestly as a BCFC fan you get used to ups and downs but we are shocking – the s**t running of the club has extended to the players who to me have switched off – they don’t know who’s in charge as they have heard so many different voices over a short period of time and I suggest not being paid in full and with the release of players to help the financial side of the club – just look at our bench – where do we go from here – if you were CH would you come to the shower of crap we are becoming underneath this leadership – just to confirm I’m a BCFC season ticket holder and supporter for nearly 50 years – the Chinese are runing our club and lets hope they don’t do a Wigan –

  • Mick says:

    No thanks Chris you walked away once we don’t want you doesn’t matter who we get though because these owners will hinder any skills they have .I hate you ren .I want you and the rest of your Chinese cronies OUT OF OUR CLUB.

  • tracey tyler says:

    Would he want to come here if we were in the top 6 and in a stable situation ???? of course he would,our problem is that we not stable, in a relegation battle and not a very attractive prospect for any Manager.Fulham and Bristol City are stable Clubs and have been for years and we have been going down the pan for years.The sad thing is that if we do escape relegation what is going to change??? we will still be skint with the same owners.

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