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Woeful Blues Heading Into Oblivion

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Yesterday’s limp defeat to Stoke City again highlighted the abysmal form that is perilously edging Birmingham City closer to the bottom three.

We all know the history of the last three seasons and of the struggles that the club has faced, but this time around, it feels totally different. Before lockdown, the squad was erratic at best with poor results mixed in – with the occasional decent win. After lockdown, we simply have capitulated without any self-belief and, at times, desire.

Having let a few players leave like Maghoma and Mrabti, coupled with David Davis somewhere outside B9, our hierarchy has again weakened an already threadbare squad. What astounded most Bluenoses yesterday was the astonishing decision to play three central defenders at the back – a recipe for disaster proven by the Zola doomed experiment.

Who thought up this crazy rehashed plan? Was it Gardner or was it Spooner or was it our chief tactical guru Ren.

My first reaction on hearing this pre-match formation immediately hinted defeat before the ball was kicked. Surely somebody somewhere at St.Andrews must have a modicum of sense to point out the obvious.

What is worrying is the blistering attack on his playing colleagues by Harlee Dean. Yes, you could be fooled into thinking this is a good thing and needs saying, but my opinion is so different. This player, who has been fairly poor for some time, needs a reality check, and papering over his own failings by using such outbursts about his fellow players is not on.

This also emphasises in my view the complete disregard for the current management of Spooner and Gardner. No doubt Dean will be off in a few games time so perhaps it doesn’t bother him.

All of this unnecessary frantic searching for an elusive win, or even a couple of draws, has really highlighted the problems of our current squad. Should we survive the drop in a week’s time and that may be helped by Wigan, then there is a quick turnaround before the new season starts.

This thought is worrying to state the obvious, especially with the current management and players.

What surely must be avoided is the ending of this season and the start of next being fodder to most opponents. At Blues we are used to the doldrums and the bewildering actions of owners who appear to have been on Kamikaze courses, but today as we stand, there appears little to generate optimism for the future.

Sadly my personal thought is that should we actually drop through the trap door in a week’s time, it might start up a new era with new owners. Wolves have been there like Leicester City – so maybe it could be the answer.

A new regime and a phone call to Kenny Jackett is probably the best way forward.

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  • Charles says:

    This pairing of Spooner and Gardner certainly says a lot about the club. I feel the owners will not replace with a new Manager as selling and moving on is probably what they have decided. Good example is that of Seddon who is a far better left back than Harding or even Pedersen.He could have played against Stoke but of course we know why and it’s about transfer money. Pompey want him and that’s good enough for Ren and co. Shambles is too kind a word for what’s going on at Blues.

    • stephen Foster says:

      Completely agree about seddon. I watch Portsmouth all the time and Seddon has been a revelation.

    • Roy says:

      Kenny Jacket? You must be joking. I’d rather see Ian Holloway anytime. At least he has always liked the blues.

  • Ijaz says:

    Sadly I agree with relegation perhaps being the best way to get rid of these owners. Problem being it’ll probably mean administration and minus 12 points so you are talking dropping to league 2. Harlee Dean has been absolutely woeful himself so to hear him criticising is just comical. I think only points deductions to Wigan and/or Wednesday can save us this time. Quite frankly we are abysmal and deserve to go down.

  • R Smith says:

    Until we get rid of the current owners we will just have a repeat of these struggles every year, but can they afford to sell us? Isn’t their stock exchange listing dependant on them owning us at the moment? And if they do sell us won’t it be to yet another group of inept Hong Kong businessmen who know nothing about football?
    If I remember rightly the last time we were in the old third division we had a lot of fun, we may even win a few games a division lower and it may finally prompt the owners to go. Hey we might even do a Sheffield United. As it is we just have a permanent depression over Small Heath which will persist until the day new owners come in.

  • Mick says:

    Only blues could get into this position from being relatively safe .letting players go because you thought we already had enough points shows how inept you are at running any kind of business let alone our football club . Please please please Ren and co GET OUT Of OUR CLUB.

  • tracey tyler says:

    Seddon,what can I say,I have been singing his praises all year,more talent than Pedersen but face did not fit,I am not sure on the rules on whether he could play for us now that he is back or not ???? Does the loan period mean that he cannot play for Blues during the current season ??? Well if he could it is a disgrace that he has not

  • tracey tyler says:

    My fear is that if we get out of relegation what is going to change ????

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