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Embattled Blues Look Totally Rudderless

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After yet another toothless football display against Derby County last Tuesday evening, Birmingham City players, like us supporters, must be dreading the next game in the Championship.

Next up Blackburn Rovers will not be fearing their visit to B9 in any way. When teams lose continually at home for months on end, interrupted by the occasional win or draw, the story of Birmingham City doesn’t take much understanding. Add the fact that season after season we tread the annual relegation quagmire, hoping help is around the corner in the form of three other unfortunates to take the fall. Result being best described at sad.

We are basically a rudderless concern that shows itself up more as each season passes – with top management making the wrong decisions in terms of on-field personnel. This latest experiment of employing yet another manager with ‘past failures’ is coming a cropper big time, with players being brought in performing at an alarming low rate. Each week we appear to be run off the park by bright, relatively unknown opposition with passion, as opposed to leggy, lethargic and badly prepared players who put on our blue shirts.

Aitor Karanka has been supplied with what he wanted for a hideous ill-timed phrase called the three year plan – only to see the start of which crumble and stutter like the players of yesteryear that he decided weren’t needed. Players already at the club in the form of Davis and Kieftenbeld, together with Seddon would have been a better bet.

However, we look forward to 2021 in the hope of ‘something happening‘ at the club that will, at least, get the supporters believing again.

This may incur the dreaded trap door to League One and new ownership or it might be just carrying on depending on others to save our Championship status which appears more likely. Ten years ago we sensed a great new beginning at Wembley when the Carling Cup was held aloft with Birmingham City a name to be proud of and a joy to wear the scarf, almost showing off. Today we see a different club with continual Kamikaze actions by management, and more disturbing the same actions spreading like wildfire to the players. My hope is that the players collectively look at themselves and show personal pride in the New Year and at least give the fans something to be joyful about.

Forget the ‘false huddles’ pre kick-off and man up to the ninety minutes that follow. Not much to ask, or is it.

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  • Charles says:

    We have players who are not clever at their game.Take Pedersen and Dean who continually give away penalties.Oppositions love these two. We have a serious bunch of good fodder whoever wants to take them on. GET a clever manager in asap.

  • Smithy says:

    Seddon returning the best action Karanka has done since becoming our manager. Build on this for heavens sake.

  • malcolm x says:

    Great piece Mitch and perfectly summed up, and giving food for thought. Sadly I cant see any green shoots during 2021 unless Dong and his Gang sell up, Karanka and the complete ‘playing squad'(wrongly accused of being footballers) sail away from St.Andrews. Unfortunately we all know this dream is not going to happen, and we should prepare ourselves for League 1. Bring the youth onboard, they’ll put more effort and commitment into representing BCFC.

  • brushstrokesinparadise says:

    ***Genuine Request: Can someone please help me urgently – I am trying to reach a lovely gentleman, true Bluenose, and a very valued upstanding member of a previous site,’Often Partisan’, and whose comments were always productive and encouraged others to participate. His name was DAVE MANN. Can anybody please help me with a contact email address to enable me to get in touch with him? If so then happy to PM you with my email address . If anybody who can help me then it would be very much appreciated, thank you in advance.

  • Mitchell Bray says:

    I echo Brushstrokes request regarding Dave Mann. He made good contributions via Often Partisan during the Carsen Yeung era.

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