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Gardner Return Raises Blues’ Eyebrows

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News yesterday of Craig Gardner returning to Birmingham City came out of the blue…literally.

His brief spell, cut short by the dismissal of Tony Pulis by Sheffield Wednesday, enabled Gardner to return to B9. Eyebrows now raised by supporters as to why, and what next?

It may be all very innocent and not such a shock, but in my opinion, it is anything but.

Karanka has, over the months, recruited his own backroom team without retaining many of Blues’ yesterday men, including Paul Robinson and the release of Gardner. Since yesterday’s announcement of Gardner’s return, a number of supporters have asked me whether there is anything significant in this move, with the obvious speculation that new managerial moves are afoot.

Again my opinion, but this move does smack of something and I cannot believe Karanka would have initiated Gardner’s return.

This weekend will probably tell us a lot as to what is in store and quite possibly our next League game away to Middlesbrough will see a new development.

Another twist could be a return of another ‘old guard’ in the form of Paul Robinson-and should that materialise then maybe we can get the picture.

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