Date: 16th January 2019 at 9:45am
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Written by Mitchell Bray

With the second window of incoming players passing the club by due to the FFP embargo, the question has to be raised as to whether we will return to normality.

We have endured an embargo hitting manager Garry Monk severely in his desire to get the club as a regular top six contender. Monk has done well and his close-knit squad has stood up manfully in their efforts to achieve survival and respectability. However, what for the future and us fans?

With horrible financial figures and gloomy future spreadsheets, it appears no end to lower spending. At Blues we appear to be living on the edge of almost negative forecasts and dismal finances. 2019 will be one of definition in my view with survival the key issue and that solely is money. Without the finances and the long term vision, we are simply putting off the inevitable threat of going under.

We are haemorrhaging money at an alarming rate with little to suggest that our debt will be decreased during the year. Figures around the £80m. mark have been talked about. What we desperately need is new owners with money, and I appreciate this is not an original statement, but now more than ever, we do require underpinning for long term stability.

Clubs like Forest and Sheffield Wednesday, not to forget Leeds and Bristol City have found such visionary owners-so why not Blues? We have been established since 1875, we boast a second city status and we are bang in the middle of great sporting venues with entertainment complexes that must be the envy of millions. One day hopefully we will attract the right people, with good stability, but it might require a very unpleasant jolt to get that happening.

Returning to a normal football is all we want and for us Birmingham City supporters is not asking too much.

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