Date: 8th January 2019 at 1:06pm
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Written by Mitchell Bray

This months transfer window involving Championship clubs is proving interesting for Blues.

Whilst we await the EFL decision next month regarding our fate concerning FFP, a number of clubs have been reported to be either on the edge or near it as regards the overspend.

Villa, I understand can now only make loan signings with wage caps etc. This number within the Championship will, in my opinion, escalate as the window continues with the EFL having to tread very carefully as to what, if any, they decide on any punishment toward us.

Simply put, the breaking of the £39m spend which attracts fines and other sanctions is about to involve a fair number of Championship clubs. EFL must now be extremely cautious as to their actions or mayhem will arise.

As regards Blues and the window should suit Garry Monk and his squad with little to disrupt his faithful close-knit squad, knowing that no newcomers are about to rock the boat. Vassell is a massive boost for Monk and his players, with this likeable team member close to joining the cause. Should David Davis return next month, then optimism will spread for a playoff spot. It is quite significant that at this time of atrocious bad management of our finances and all that goes with it, that we fans can turn to our playing squad for comfort and joy.

Now, how many times have we been able to say that?


2 Replies to “Blues Fears Of EFL Punishment Easing”

  • No one knows for sure what’s gonna happen. Let’s not speculate. We may get a points deduction. It may be this year or suspended till next year. Face a fine or further embargo restrictions. What will be will be. We cannot do anything but await the ruling.

  • Ijaz.of course your right.Nobody really knows what their decision will be.However,on a personal front,I continue to bombard the EFL with emails detailing other clubs misdemeanours and reckless spending way above that of blues.My theory is that the EFL do not particularly rate us and whatever they do decide,will not necessary bother most footballing people.Sadly we are not a Villa or even a Leeds or Notts.Forest.By making myself a ‘bit of a nuisance’ to the EFL they do at least acknowledge our wonderful support and realise what we as fans have endured since 2011. My article about the possible easing of punishment is based on their latest information about a fair number of Championship clubs that have contravened FFP. If they wield the severest of punishment to us,then they are in for a torrid time for many months by other clubs,who would have to receive similar punishment.Legal battles would engulf.

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