Date: 1st October 2019 at 7:00am
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If it’s not one thing, then it’s another with this guy.

Having waited for so long for him to finally sign on the dotted line, the Blues made their move and officially signed Josh McEachran to a deal on Friday night. The former Chelsea man has signed on a two-year deal and will join up with Pep Clotet’s first team immediately. Well, the last part of that sentence might not be 100% true.

He made, what I suppose you can call his ‘official’ debut yesterday, being his first game whilst formally under contract, for the U23s as they took on Wigan Athletic where he lasted 68 minutes before being substituted off.

It wouldn’t be the Josh McEachran deal if I didn’t have something negative to say about the whole thing, so why break the habit?

Now that he’s officially part of us, why do we have to keep waiting for him to join up with the first team? After all these weeks of keeping him on trial, now that he’s finally proved his fitness and value to the team, shouldn’t he already be part of the first team plans?  If the plan is for him to make an impact in the first team, then surely you’d want him around the squad as much and for as long as possible, and ideally hoping to make an appearance in tonight’s game with Wigan Athletic.

The article announcing his signing says that he has been training with the first team in the interim, so it’s not like you can use the excuse that he only signed Friday and hasn’t had time to get adjusted to the squad and how they play, he’ll have been doing that in the month or so he has been with us.

Maybe I’m just overreacting and everything will turn out OK, but am I the only one that thinks it’s strange we spent all that time doing research on him and now we may have to wait a bit longer before we see him?

What about you? Do you think that McEachran should be thrown into the first team as soon as possible? Or do you think that waiting another week or so won’t really matter in the grand scheme of things?

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11 Replies to “Whilst the McEachran deal may be done, there’s a small detail that doesn’t sit right – Opinion”

  • It’s because he had no pre-season so he is unfit and still getting his fitness back. You can’t throw a player straight into the team until he has match fitness. He’s about a week away apparently. He had a good game yesterday against under Wigan 23s. The lad run the midfield.


  • Is this a wind up?. Maybe if you spent more time doing proper research and less time reading negative comments from keyboard warriors on Twitter you’d know that he’s not yet match fit, the club posted an interview with him over the weekend which was widely available on the internet where categorically states that he needs a few more games in the U23’S before he could be considered for the first team. Where the bloody hell did vital football get you from??

  • Your article is just silly you obviously have no understanding of the fitness levels required to play in the championship he had no pre season he is getting fitter under the clubs coaches he has been signed to play in the first team when he is physically strong enough I would guess toward the end of october

  • Another attention grabbing headline with no story.

    At least write something worth reading before you go to school.

    This guy is just a wind up.

    I’m so annoyed I clicked on the article.


  • Perhaps it’s Matthew Baldwin who needs to get a grip on this crass reporting, The player himself knows he is Not Fully fit .we have had quite a few players who have done more bad than good trying to rush fitness through to passify others when we had few players to fill midfield positions …that is no longer the case ! Let the player and staff access his condition and then and only then get back in the team when fully fit and benefit the club long term. Matthew why don’t you become a polititian there’s plenty to wind up at the moment instead of letting the club progress by not raising misguided views.

  • I am so annoyed I clicked on this article

    Headline with no story

    Unfortunately I think this guy just wants a reaction and probably isn’t a Blues fan.


  • Vital Blues is the biggest load of tosh on the internet. Instead of reading other websites to get their stories, why don’t they try some real journalism and go to the club and speak to people? Then Matthew Baldwin would know why McEachran isn’t in the first team yet.

  • Lets simply wait and see. If the lad is not quite upto championship level of fitness, give him the extra time so when he does finally take to the pitch he is no only giving himself the best chance to establish himself but to all his team mates and to us a true Blues fans. KRO

  • A ridiculous none story article.
    It seems you’re trying to cause a problem where one doesn’t exist.
    McEachran has stated himself that he hasn’t had a pre season, due to him having trials at clubs.
    He said he’s “a couple of weeks away from being “match fit”, of which he’s gaining in the U23’s.
    He’s NOT MATCH FIT, that’s NOT a cause for concern, it’s NOT a story, it’s mischievous nonsense.
    He’s OUR player now, signed on a 2 year deal, not on loan, like Montero, whose spending his limited time with us, recovering from injury. We want him to be as effective as possible when he’s in the first team.
    Oh, and by the way, there’s an International break coming up, so the chances are, he could be in the first team squad after that.
    As I’ve said, this is pointless article, I really don’t see what point you’re trying to make, other than cause a problem that doesn’t exist.
    I hope the “true Blues” fans get behind him and he really makes the impact I believe he will.
    If you’re void of ideas for articles to write, here’s an idea, why not track down Edward Cheng, the Blues Director, and ask him what his tweet was all about, or, even find out how long the board of Directors intend to address Clottet as “Temporary” Caretaker Manager, and how long is temporary ?
    I would expect this type of negativity to come from the rabble across the A38, NOT a Birmingham City fans site.


    K R O

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