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“The game physically has changed”: Blues boss details the impact return could have on the league

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It may look the same, but there’s going to be some big differences.

That seems to be the message that Blues boss Pep Clotet wanted to get across ad he and the rest of the Birmingham City team returned to training.

Speaking in an interview with the club’s in house channel BluesTV, Clotet spoke about a lot of things including the return to training, how well the players have coped away from Wast Hills and what the rest of the season is going to look like.

In that interview he talked about the challenges that a side like the Blues will face when and if the season does restart again, considering they have to go from something of a standing start like teams in the Bundesliga have done:

“The game physically has changed because we come in form a period of not playing which is really long, possibly longer than the break between seasons normally. Without having any contact with games or any friendlies we will go into games and that’s what you’ve seen in the Bundesliga. In the first game anything can happen because it’s like getting back into a kind of pre-season, but you’re playing for points.”

Do you agree with Clotet's comments?





And that standing start might be a major part in why home teams in the Bundesliga currently only have a winning percentage of 18% since the league returned earlier in the month.

And whilst I do believe that the Blues are in a relatively safe position, being eight points clear of the relegation zone with nine games to go, there is still a chance of some ‘crazy’ results down the line could put the Blues in danger. Or at the same time, who knows, maybe we’ll sneak into a playoff place. Although given that’s an eleven-point gap, that’s probably a little bit far-fetched.

What about you? What do you make of Clotet’s comments on the matter?

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