Date: 4th October 2018 at 3:55pm
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It’s a word that Blues fans have chanted for a long long time. ‘WHO?!’ is the cry of the St Andrew’s faithful as an opposition substitute’s name is spoken out over the tannoy. ‘WHO ARE YA?! WHO ARE YA?!’

It’s a chant that is not particularly enjoyed by opposition substitutes and it’s one that can certainly help fans psych players out as soon as they enter the hallowed St Andrew’s pitch.

Ahead of Blues’ clash with Rotherham United on Saturday, Millers boss Paul Warne was asked about his previous experiences with Blues fans and joked about the classic chant and the effect it had on him as a player.

The former striker said. “My memories as a player weren’t good. I remember standing on the side of the pitch and I came on for, let’s say it was Darren Byfield.

“It was ‘No. 28 Darren Byfield replaced by No. 10, Paul Warne’. And the whole of St Andrew’s went ‘WHO?!’ and ‘WHO ARE YA?!’

“I was running on thinking ‘that’s a little bit rude’. I had never heard it before, I was devastated. I was laughing but then thinking ‘well, shame on you’. That always tickles me.”

Warne, who has been Rotherham’s manager since 2016, also joked about the recent Rotherham managerial curse at St Andrew’s, as the club’s previous two managers had lost their jobs after facing Blues at St Andrew’s.

Warne stated his hope that he doesn’t end up with the same fate after Saturday’s game.

“The other thing is the last two managers to take a team to Birmingham got sacked so that’s not a great omen if I am truly honest, so I might delay the phone call to the chairman after the game for a couple of hours.”

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