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Opinion: Blues may need to get desperate if they are to solve their problems over a lack of goals

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Allow him to reintroduce himself, as Jay-Z once put it.

Because that could very well be the situation that Birmingham City will have to put themselves in very soon as the club looks set to chase after one of our former players.

According to Alan Nixon at The Sun, Blues are looking to strike a deal with Aston Villa to help them land forward Scott Hogan this transfer window. Blues have a major problem on their hands when it comes to putting the ball in the back of the net with main forward Lukas Jutkiewicz reportedly out of action for a while.

If Hogan’s return would be anything like what he brought to the club in the early part of his loan last season, then Blues would be laughing, but the latter part of that loan should leave some cause for concern. Blues boss Aitor Karanka is well aware of the problem facing the club right now, but has said that he will wait for the right person to become available.

Should the club try to bring Hogan back this window?





I’ve spoken in the past about the idea of bringing Hogan back, and at the time I very much wanted us to stay away from the deal, but as time goes on I find myself coming around to the idea of us doing a deal with Villa to let him come to St Andrew’s again.

Part of it is coming from desperation I’ll admit, the idea that things couldn’t possibly get worse than they already are. In fact, let’s just go ahead and say that all of it is coming out of desperation, but with things looking the way they are, can you really blame me?

What about you? Do you think Blues should go back to Villa and try to get Hogan back, or should we look elsewhere to get some firepower up top?

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  • Brian Taylor says:

    Why are we in this situation? It has been obvious for months that we needed another striker and that Hogan was a flash in the pan. None of our Spanish imports have even raised a ripple and Preto has already cost us a game, I doubt Sanchez will be the exception. How many games are we going to lose while Karanka et al fiddle around. We acquired Leko who waon’t be lacing up the boots until November – we are now likely throwing in Gradner who cannot be anywhere near match fit. Desperation has been caused by inaction – we don’t want an “Arry repeat of buying anybody or of Clotet buying nobody but going after Hogan really is the pits!!

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