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Opinion: League Cup loss puts into perspective just how big a task Aitor Karanka has on his hands

Image for Opinion: League Cup loss puts into perspective just how big a task Aitor Karanka has on his hands

So, I’ve had a few days to think about this, hopefully give myself a chance to calm down.

But after taking some time to breathe, I don’t really think that I can bring myself to get anywhere near calm when thinking about the result. Alright, we probably weren’t going to go that far in the completion anyway, but if we could have at least given it a good go, used some good results to hopefully get some results in the league, then we might have got some benefit out of it.

I spoke a few weeks ago, when Aitor Karanka was first appointed about the sort of challenge this game, and his choice of team would bring, and to his credit, when you look at the team we put out, that’s a pretty strong team, enough you would think to deal with a League Two side.

Where will Blues finish this season?

Top half of the table

Top half of the table

Bottom half but comfortable

Bottom half but comfortable

Relegation scrap

Relegation scrap

Instead, we put in a really flat display, and as Karanka said after the match, there seems to be something wrong with the club psychologically if they can’t come back from an early goal like that to a side like Cambridge United.

This should have been the chance to change those kinds of thoughts, instead we find ourselves stuck in a rut, and with Brentford coming to St Andrew’s on Saturday, one of the best sides in the division last year, you can only sit back and panic about the daunting challenge facing us.

This was a wasted opportunity to get things back on track, and hopefully serves as a wakeup call not just to the players, but also the head coach as well just how tough this task is and how difficult it’s going to be to fix.

And with just about a month left in the transfer window, now might be a good time to address every single one of the problems in the team, or face another long season without much to look forward to.

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