Date: 8th July 2019 at 9:22am
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Written by: Mitchell Bray

With only a month to go before the first Championship game away to Brentford, I for one admit to feeling a little concerned. Perhaps this is a needless worry as Clotet’s squad may well be capable of holding their own with the new strategy of playing younger players. All great if it goes well.

My concern is that this brutal division is tough and unrelenting and has little regard for bright young players who have skill. We have players like Dean, Pedersen, Juke, Gardner etc. who can hold their own but with Adams and Morrison now gone I feel replacements with muscle must be brought in.

Recent ‘headline signings’ of young players is encouraging but hardly reassuring that this coming season is going to be comfortable. In my opinion, the Jude Bellingham signing is a different matter as this player, like Francis, appears almost ready to enter the fray-especially off the bench. Age in his case is irrelevant as his rare skill is a one-off, very similar to what we are now experiencing at Wimbledon in the shape of 15-year-old Coco Gauff. Gifted players will always rise no matter how early in age.

At Blues, in the past, we have had the tendency to hold players like Redmond, Butland and Gray back, only seeing them play irregularly. We all desperately want a new hero at St.Andrews with Adams now departed but above all, we need additional signings of strength in order to allow the likes of Bellingham to play to his talented best. Many supporters, like myself, would have liked a couple of signings completed before the Portugal trip on Sunday. This could still happen.

Basically as usual at Blues we don’t know what is around the corner and whether it is joy or despair. I guess that is all part and parcel of supporting Birmingham City!?

What I am reasonably sure about is that if the season was kicking off today, many supporters along with myself would be very worried. Questions raised like the future being planned around youth is confusing as although it sounds good and logical is the Championship the place to start? Then again if the Club intends to ease the youth in then fine but in small numbers surely.

An argument could be that in previous decades we had Joe Gallagher, Trevor Francis, Julian Dicks, John Frain, Jimmy Calderwood, Paul Tait, Mark Dennis etc.. all teenagers playing regularly and nobody worried at all. However we are in a new era at Blues and in my view, still fortunate to have a club at all in view of the turmoils since 2011. My hope is that our talented youth does get the chance this season and that Pep Clotet is the ideal man to make it a success but my concern still centres around the new signings who should possess that strength of character and toughness that Adams and Morrison had.

We now have to rely on the hierarchy getting it right with the coaching staff and the new recruitment policy. More importantly, I really wish for stability at Blues and the feeling that we as BCFC are safe. Not much to ask or is it.

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5 Replies to “My concern is that this brutal division is tough and unrelenting. Muscle Needed. Opinion.”

  • Hear what you saying Mitch. The squad is devoid of any real quality to compete with the likes of Leeds, Fulham, Sheff Wed, Huddersfield, Derby,Middlesborough,WBA not to mention the likes of Blackburn who have steadily begun to build an experiences squad themselves, you know what I mean.
    I am all for the development of quality younger players for the future however BCFC have a limited future at the moment and unless the club turns things around quickly they are finished, and so cant rely on just bringing in youngsters into the U23 as they are doing by the dozen at the moment. We have no quality in midfield, the ones we have toil and work hard but there’s no creativity whatsoever. In attack we have Juke who again works hard but 12 goals last season for a number 9(and without his sidekick Adam’s now) is not going to tear up many trees. Vassell is not the player we thought either. We desperately need 2 quality midfielders, a good winger and at least one further quality attacking option. The big question is : Can The Amigo’s deliver?

  • When we find the likes of ground and stockdale being brought back into o the squad I think we can see that we are not going to spend money on transfers the jota Adam’s money will never see the light of day at st Andrew’s but end up in China I have seen lakin and Truman and simply put the are not good enough we are going t ok be relegated by chritsmas

  • We are nearing the bookies favourites for relegation as we stand.Really cannot blame them with Adams and Morrison gone.Jota for all his doubters will be a miss also. Championship fodder has been named and who can argue.

  • Its so sad that we all have the same opinion of our dear club. I have to agree partially with Brian, but I’m thinking it will be around end of November that we will recognise that relegation will be a definate

  • Ha! great minds think alike, I was just planning my blog but you’ve beaten me to it mucker. We ain’t got any confidence in the owners, squad lacking any real quality and the likes of Trueman and Larkin are going to be out of their depth to be brutally honest. I ain’t convinced about the Amigo’s either.

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