Date: 15th July 2019 at 8:00pm
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Writer: Mitchell Bray

Perhaps we Blues supporters are being a little impatient as to the prospect of new signings.

Pep Clotet may well have a few gems up his sleeve and maybe we will see these new incomers sooner rather than later. Personally, I am concerned and a bit apprehensive as the new season is only a few weeks away.

The Portugal trip was no doubt useful for the players etc and the usual bonding and trying out of new formations, not forgetting the welcome to the fold of Stockdale and Keita. Jonathan Grounds another.

However, this system of 3-4-2-1 is a mystery as history tells us that as far as the back three are concerned – this is simply not BCFC and, in my opinion, a car crash waiting to happen. Players we have in these positions are not skilled enough to play out from the back and we are very vulnerable to decent forward opposition. Zola tried it and we suffered. Lessons should surely be learned.

Garry Monk had it more or less tapped without it being perfect, but two up front is what Blues are. Any other style I regret to add is bordering on the kamikaze. Attractive football our hierarchy may well want but we simply do not, as we stand, possess the players to do it. New younger lads like Seddon, Lakin, Bellingham etc need experienced guys around them and apart from Gardner, Dean and Jutkiewicz, they could suffer. Harding is a bit different as he could hold his own more or less with any team.

Strength and experience is a must if this new system of 3-4-2-1 is employed from day one. Adams with Jutkiewicz was good, so a simple replacement for Adams is logical but surely we must keep to a top two.

Vassell is certainly not proven as yet so gambling on this very delicate new-look approach is too much a gamble. Attacking strength would certainly be an argument against my fears but as we currently stand this area is fragile at best.

Looking back to the Portugal trip, I have tried to glean some positive points with possibly the tough tackling Seddon-a la Keiftenbeld – being my stand out, with the inclusion of Jude Bellingham for parts of the games played, the other pleasing aspect.

Brentford beckons in under three weeks and unless decent additions are made quickly then we will struggle. Forget what might be with our players, we as supporters know what they can and cannot do, and this squad will not be comfortable or confident with this ‘back to Zola’ days approach.

Ren and co. may wish for attractive football like the rest of us, but supporters of BCFC do not live in fantasy land. Time will tell if this barmy system is a success or not. What concerns me is the damage that is made before the penny drops.

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23 Replies to “Blues new 3-4-2-1 system is a recipe for disaster, not a step towards total success”

  • It’s this sort of post that install negativety. He experimented with 2 different formations 3-4-2-1 and 3-4-1-2 witch is 2 up top Colin and Dean are used to that formation with Brentford. Pedersen is used to that formation also. And Sidon played in that formation last season Robert’s is used to play in a back 3. It’s not formulations that win games skill and determination. And the way Implicate your tactics. Zola got it all wrong try to play a quick passing through the middle he did not use wing backs has wing backs he had them cut inside. That left us exposed down the flanks. But we will still need some new additions KRO

    • I totally agree – i think Peds and Colin are more than capable to play the overlap and offer that wing back support – my only worry is having enough dept in the midfield to stop the counter attack.

  • What a completely depressing post. “This is not bcfc” is the kind of comment that will hold the club back. Just because we are a club of the working class and traditionally like blood and guts players does that mean we can never change?? Your attitude of negativity will bring back the disconnect between the club and the fans. I agree things aren’t good at the moment, we need signings, we need a permanent manager and we need stability but your post is a disgrace. “Two up front is what blues are”, what a pathetic thing to say. People like you hold back progress, I suppose you think that our manager has to be a blues fan too because he’s the only person who’d “understand the club”.

    • I am certainly not going to write articles that are aimed to please or comfort supporters when I firmly believe otherwise. This issue of formation is about opinion and my opinion is that Blues need a top two strike force.Whichever way you dress it up we simply cannot play this latest style that appears to be what Ren & co.want carried out by Clotet. Why am I so stubborn on this- because we simply haven’t the quality of players to take it on. Every supporter would like a style that is pleasing to watch but with the club we have and the meagre resources to spend etc. sensible logic must reign.Keep to the Garry Monk formation and safety should be achievable. This is all about what tools we currently have at our disposal and how best to use them.

      • Ren is a serious problem to Blues and while he’s around you can forget about us being successful. Monk assessed the squad and went 4-4-2 because as an experienced manager he felt that that was the the best system to get the best out of the squad. Now Ren seems to think by letting our captain, top striker and our most expensive player go and not replacing them, that by changing the “system” will make us into a promotion winning side!! No Ren you fucking moron it will more likely have the opposite effect.

    • I understand Mitchell’s concerns. Calling him negative is true but he is correct in his assessment of our team. We don’t have the players to play the system we are trying to play and the lack of depth to the squad is extremely concerning. It is not Zola Mark 2 as Zola was brought in half way through the season while Pep has had full pre-season so the players should be better prepared. The lack of experience is the biggest concern. Young players usually struggle for consistency and over a long season could burn out. The lack of signings is the main reason for fan unrest and not something a fan posts. We have lost a lot of goals and creativity from the side. Pep recently said the same thing. Hopefully we can get a few signings in so we can go into the new season in a slightly more positive mood.

  • Firstly this is the system that Ren wants us to play, Pep is just doing as he’s told. Secondly it always takes players time to get used to a change of system. Thirdly you can’t judge anything by a couple of pre season games that are more for fitness than anything and making so many changes during the game doesn’t help fluidity, and finally JUST BE PATIENT!!!!!!!!

  • I’m afraid we play Brentford in 20 days time. 4 or five friendlies and its off. The squad we have now is a car crash waiting to happen. The people who we seem to be interested in are ‘iffy’ .at best. We have lost a great manager (and scout) we have lost too many good players. Patience? We need 5-6 players into that squad. Yes we like blood and guts players, up and at em approach. Zola and Cotterill tried the ten passes to get halfway approach and we sank without a trace.
    Solid back five, 3 or 4 midfielders that will run till they drop and a pacy couple up front. Do we have anything like that at the moment?

  • Whatever Ren wants should send shivers down every bluenose especially on the playing formation. Clotet will never have a choice of player or a sniff of authority. Players will arrive at Wast Hills and only then will he meet them. Only a month ago we wanted Ren Out. Now he has even more power.Heaven help us.

  • We should have had Chris Hughton in charge the day after Monk went and given him a free hand. We have always wanted 5/6 new players – Monk said the same. Do we have a plan to spend until December trying things out with the current players and then have a desperate splurge to get us out of relegation in the next transfer window?

  • Please go bk to 442. Cus pep the Zola way is not going to work. You must listen to the fans, we have seen it all before. Do it the gary monk way, he had it spot on mate. We must win ugly this season, cus we have lost our good players. Keep right on.

  • Factsarefacts: what a pathetic comment. The site is clearly here to invite comments whether they be to your liking or not, as we all have an opinion. Clearly from the consistent feedback I see on many of Mitchell’s Blogs they create “theatre” and whether we agree or not with what is written at least be responsive with some facts and creative opinion. However clearly all you can offer is an 8 worded “remark” with no substance to support. Suggest you keep off here unless you have something constructive to say, whether that be a negative or positive on BCFC, of which we are all entitled to make comment!

  • A definite recipe for disaster! Ren is in control here and is dictating to Clotet on exactly how the team should play(or not). Now were chasing an “attacking midfielder….from Kidderminster”, oh c’mon some of you need to smell the coffee. A complete shambles and if anyone really thinks that the club is not heading for melt down then clearly they are deluded.

  • Two points. One: I agree with the comment that a slavish adherence to “the Blues way” is negative and backward looking. Of course Blues can be a team that plays in a different style. Two: the one player we had who would have thrived in a 3 at the back system has been sold to “another club”. Basically, Mr Ren is not very good at his job – definitely out of his depth.

  • I find it very strange that that even after being short on team goals overall that we sell our top striker and then convert to a more defensive system , and then try to replace the sold top striker with a cheap replacement a d also make the midfield more defencive by playing defenders on the wings and make a comment that we are going for more exciting football ,,,I think we should get ready for another bout of corner shop mentality ,,,,give us a break …

  • William you are spot on. Nothing at all makes sense with this ridiculous formation unless you have the power in midfield and upfront to complement it. Sadly Ren has spoken and puppets have jumped. We have at best ordinary players who could do a 4-4-2 system but to ask them to play otherwise is insane. My guarantee is that any new incoming manager would scrap ‘Ren’s Plan’ in a heartbeat. We just have to wait.

  • The team will never progress playing the 4-4-2 Monk style or Rowett football. As much as you may dislike him, Ren and the club are correct. We have to have a different style with better players if we want promotion. Don’t you think him and other people are aware we need to bring in better players to really make it work? Sick and tired of moaning Blues fans happy to glory in our defensive football and get stuck in mentality.

  • Wow,I’m just picking myself up after reading of two potential “big” signings….why are we chasing a Wolves reject that could only get into a Coventry side that is so bad they make our bunch looking an average side, you know what I mean. And then were giving an opportunity to an ex Villa player that had to ply his trade with an average club in Holland.
    Now lets look at the quality players Leeds,Fulham,Huddersfield and even Blackburn and Brentford … mmmm,we really are going to struggle this season arn’t we.

    • Actually that Dan Crowley sounds like a very good player known for his passing ability. Which is exactly what we have lacked for years. If we want to play possession based football then we need players who are good on the ball. He was the best youth prospect at Villa before Arsenal bought him from them. Villa fans were dismayed. Arsenal fans describe him as similar to Cesc Fabregas and think we have bought a top player. If reports are to believed he wanted to return to England and turned down the advances of Feyernord and PSV Eindhoven. He is a local lad from Coventry. I believe in the past he may have had a Billy big bollocks attitude problem which hopefully he’s matured and grown out of.

      As for the striker from Wolves Bright he did really well at Coventry last season. Far from being a poor team Coventry nearly got promoted. Cov are trying to sign him permanently. He is young, strong on the ball and pacy. Maybe another rough diamond in the mould of Che Adams for Beattie to polish. I still think we need proven players and not rely on inexperienced players.

  • Does anybody have some A-Z’s of Crawley, Doncaster, Grimsby, Scunthorpe that I may borrow? I’m looking to set up a Blues Fans Away Coach Business for season 2020/21…ay, forward thinking here my son!

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