Date: 1st July 2019 at 5:15pm
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Written by Mitchell Bray:

Without doubt the state of our club is sinking almost daily.

Jota, Adams and now Morrison leaving is a real kick in the teeth to most of us supporters.

Call it what you want, the reality is we are heading for oblivion. Strong words yes and dramatic many may say but in my opinion, we appear to be in a fire sale.

I would absolutely love to be proved wrong and would be only too happy to eat humble pie but everyone who has Blues at heart must be asking, ‘what on earth is going on?’

Captain Morrison epitomises, in my view, the awful state that we appear to be in. Two months ago we had a strong bond of players and staff who looked like they were just beginning to be free of the shackles of FFP and the embargoes. Now we appear to be selling anything of value and at an alarming pace.

Add to all of that the fact we are served up insulting headlines of younger so-called gems arriving for the youth sides. Unless decent signings are made quickly we will all expect to be made fodder for the majority of Championship clubs surely?

Garry Monk, Jota, Adams and Morrison are big hitters and not easily replaced and no amount of ‘talking up’ by our Board can dilute the seriousness of our situation. Season ticket holders who have already renewed must be questioning their actions whereas those undecided must be thinking hard about releasing their hard earned money.

Portugal beckons next Sunday and things can change very quickly in football as we know, but currently with no additions to our threadbare ripped apart squad – this trip abroad appears pointless unless new players get on that plane.

Supporters who have backed this squad under Garry Monk have been, like me, hoping to see a new ‘beginning’ this season with hope of pushing for a top half finish. Now I look in horror, with fear of what is yet to come. This Morrison news today will I feel be the final straw as to what this club is doing.

For me, as sad as it is, this club has lost its soul.

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13 Replies to “For me, as sad as it is, this club has lost its soul.”

  • Every football club has lost its soul. Its about money now, but we now have a chance to do something without having to pay silly money. There are some very good players coming through, and when you talk about soul the absence of willing a youngster on making his debut is exactly what HAS changed.
    Plenty of better players out there and even already at the club. Morrison is average at best. Yes he put his body on the line but then so do most defenders. Its what they get paid for. Jota is predictable and weak and as for Che this is very good business for the club as he has had one good season and has a lot of learning to do yet. Hardly the finished article.

    Sort yourself out man!!!

    • Think your conclusions are absolutely right. The board now need to show that they will reinvest and give us a chance to grow

  • i blame the likes of myself the supporters for keep turning up but i`m affraid thats the end for me more St. Andrews from now on ..they can`t run a takeaway let alone a football club.

  • It’s not as simple as sort yourself out. There are reasons for genuine concern. Jota sold for what we are told is £1 million plus Gardner. Morrison was wanted by club but terms could not be agreed and I don’t agree he was average. Adams was bound to go but what money will we get to replace him. Going on pre season tour soon and no signings. Silence from club us deafening. Who else may leave ?

    • It’s a bout time for the club to come clean with the fans and explain where we are financially going forward and what their future plans might be .

  • Gazal means well with his comments but delightfully naive. Recent comment about Coventry City ground share said it all. Blues hierarchy want their money and not an act of kindness.

  • Not sure about the club has lost its soul as the soul is the fans. We are however being run by idiots who haven’t got a clue on how to run a football club. Morrison had his best ever season and we offered him a 1 year contract when he wanted 3 years. 1 year is an insult to our captain and best defender last year. Surely they could’ve offered 2 years with a years option in the clubs favour. We all knew Che was going but £16m or £15m depending on who you believe is pathetic in today’s market for a prolific young English striker. Any other club would’ve got £20m minimum. With £3m going to Sheffield Utd that leaves £12m with probably £8m being used to balance FFP. Jota for £1m is a shocker. Gary Gardner has no future at villa. We could’ve loaned him this season and bought him on a free next summer. That was the underhand deal that pissed off Garry Monk and resulted in his sacking. I like Pep as a person but a manager he isn’t. Calling him ‘caretaker head coach’ makes me think the board don’t think he’s up to the job either. I can see Monks team following him to his new job. Our team was lacking numbers but competitive now it is just relegation fodder. Very pessimistic about the coming season.

  • The club hasn’t lost its soul, it has had it’s soul ripped away, firstly by Sullivan selling to us to the Hong Kong barber, then him selling us to a bunch of inept no hopers who have delusions of adequacy.
    As awful as it seems my only hope is that we go down and these clowns lose so much money that they sell ASAP. We just need to make sure they can’t sell the ground off in the process.

  • Its all very sad but as I said in a previous posting we are skint and while I dont particularly like what the Board are doing I do UNDERSTAND the reasons why and I dont think there are too many alternatives to the situation we are in, we are in debt up to our backsides and we have to make savings everywhere and unfortunately it is going to take many many years of rebuilding the Club and that is why I think the emphasis now has to be with the youngsters at the Club and I while dont know the opinions of all of you on here I certainly would rather give the kids a chance rather than buy or loan or get free transfers of players who have been released from other Clubs. I t is time for the likes of Harding, Lakin, Trueman etc to step up to the plate and we still have skill with the likes of Mbarti. Pederson and Bellingham and the defense with Dean, Colin and Roberts is solid so to say the Club has lost its soul is not true, have faith we will Rise again

  • Been a supporter for over sixty years and all I can say is, we are now back to the scrap man whealdon days, back to 4000 crowds if we are lucky.

    The club hasn’t been right since the Golds and Sullivan sold it , these Chinese Mafia are selling the club, the next will be the ground and we will finish up like Portsmouth and Coventry. NO GROUND and NO MONEY>

    Regarding a SOUL we have had this ripped out of us years ago and the VILLE across the city are just laughing at us again.

    Doesn’t matter how you look at it we are going down , ” good Managers Sacked Rowett and Monk, Even players that are just about championship standard are leaving , there will be a number of other players requesting a transfer in the next couple of weeks . what on earth do these Chinese people know about running a football club anyway.


    • I agree it would be good to see youngsters coming through if we are able to keep them….but anyone stepping up will no doubt create interest and be sold in order for them to recoup anything they can against their initial investment. I think this is their business plan going forward….develop and sell young talent.

      Its quite fitting that we will be ground sharring with Coventry since we appear to be headed in the same direction fast.

      Breaks my heart but at least we i saw them win at Wembley with my Dad.

  • The club has had its soul ripped out by these so called “owners”,the supporter’s are the life support that is needed to keep them distinctly alive…by a thread. The quality of the younger players I do question having seen a number of U23 games, but accept they need more time however the Club does not have time and unless there is a dramatic turnaround with an influx of quality players, a decent manager and new owners then I think its time to start planning those lovely away trips to Southend, Accrington Stanley, Crewe Alexandra etc,etc,

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