Date: 2nd January 2020 at 8:30pm
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Birmingham City’s loss to Wigan came as no great surprise to the true supporters.

We are used to setbacks and with it the disappointments. This is all part of being a Birmingham City follower. What is hard to understand and accept is the seasonal Kamikaze actions by the owners. Without doubt, they mean well and want their investment to pay dividends, hoping to one day make the step up to the Premier League.

Since the awful decision to relieve Rowett a few seasons ago, they have succeeded in making matters worse by not only sacking Monk but by replacing him with a man who, to be kind, is not a ‘good catch’.

This season, with twenty games to go, must be played out with the sole target of survival – obvious but very, very crucial. Not only are we in a bad place at the moment but in my view, our owners need proper advice based on football knowledge. We are in it together and we know the problems. This season could very easily result in the trapdoor to an even harder division to get out of.

Do we have the players to survive and do we have the so very important Wast Hills daily teaching. Yes to the players and no to the teaching. My plea to our owners is to take a simple look at yesterday’s team selection of Gardner at centre back. A disaster in waiting and a disaster in reality.

Look no further. From today onwards I would urge them to urgently consult a footballing person in the mould of Roy Hodgson and take advice and appoint a proper manager/coach who knows the game. Backroom staff must be replaced and a new sensible set up created. Anymore flirting with this sham and excuse for a professional footballing outfit has to be cut off.

With the matches left, we have the time to install new sensible people, so it’s not a problem. We just have to hope that the owners ‘get it’ as if they don’t, then this may just be the season the unthinkable happens and should it happen, then it will be no surprise at all.

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19 Replies to “Blues simply clueless in every department of the club”

  • When this poor outfit of ours really hits home it is the grim fact that Craig Gardner,Paul Robinson and of course Clotet are the ones leading survival.Shudder and even greater shudder.

  • Surprising how many contributors to these blogs base opinions on guesses rather than the facts that are readily available on the more informative sites.

    • No guessing, the facts are there before our eyes FACT, half of all our games lost FACT, well over 40 goals against FACT constant Team changes FACT , its just like the Zola era re- written and worst of all the owners still think everything is OK. It was like watching a Team of strangers on Wednesday performing against a very ordinary Wigan side who were made to look good. I just dont know what the strategy of the Club is anymore ,why on earth did we not buy Conor Mahoney in the close season, a great young talent who is getting better and better under Rowett at Millwall and he wanted to join us!!!!

  • Losing at home to Wigan is rock bottom for the fans, players and owners. Question is, what are the owners going to do? Judging by their previous decisions, I don’t have any faith in them to take the club forward – just look at where Monk and Rowett are now. I’m afraid to say we’ll be lucky to avoid relegation this season. In the short term there needs to be a management change (Chris Hughton?) and long term we need new ownership.

  • True comment regarding the disconnect.Sitting at Tilton end fans are just not feeling the vibes. Jukey raises us but only dampened by sheer shoddy defensive work. We try and understand this Clotet but even his sentences are senseless and odd. Surely the dodged bullet has to hit us at sometime and it looks like it could be this season.Just hope we don’t get a win in the cup this weekend and give Clotet and pals a stay of execution.That would be cruel.

  • IF Pep goes and it is a big if then Ren has to go with him, Ren is solely responsible for the position we are in right now, it was Ren who sacked Monk and Ren who gave Pep the job full time. Zhao Wenqing (the big boss of TTA) is in the country for just a few more days and I believe he is the only one who has the power to remove Ren. Until he is gone it won’t matter who is manager we’re never gonna do anything but go backwards.

  • Thing is this guy Mitchell Bray has never had anything good to say about our club.

    He only sees the bad he only talks about the bad stuff.

    He sits there in his pants waiting to pounce on any negatives.

    He never once writes anything about anything good he never reports on a good win or a player that stands out.

    Mitchell Bray is a troll Fact
    Mitchell Bray is not a true blue Fact
    This site is shite Fact

    My club is not perfect I never will be but I will always support my club Fact

    This site is not supporting our club they are hindering our club. By trying to to cause a rift within the clubs fanbase Fact

    Probably ran by Villa fans.

    If you are a true supporter of Birmingham City
    You know nothing ever runs smoothly its always been that way no matter what or who owns the club. Blues always do things the hard way and if there is a harder way they will find it.

    Its what Keeps me interested and keeps me coming back I love my club and no matter how mutch this shite site puts it down I will always stand by my club. So FU Mitchell Bray. If you don’t like it you know what you can do.


      • I’ve been a season ticket holder for 43 years I haven’t missed a home game all season or any season in all those 43 years. I was most likely going to match his before you was out of nappies or even born. I’m fully aware that things are not great but I don’t see the value you been talking crap and ripping holes in my club.

  • We have had a relegation fight or team for the last 5 years. I said from the start you can’t build A playoff winning team in a single season.
    It takes time and just getting to the playoffs is not going to get us over the line. We have to win them easier said than done. I’m not happy with the way things are going. Nut I understand it takes time to build a club to get the job dune.
    I don’t see us making the playoffs its already past us by. But I did not expect it from beginning. Its nothing lost. Lets keep it real and support the club we all love no matter what.
    We will not get relegated but it may well be another relegation battle similar to last season.

  • When buying players we ain’t going to spend 20 million on a player you have to set a team out that compliments each other ..we lack a bit of pace we lack goals ..we lack positional sense in front of the corner posts where we let most goals in .. , and keep being drawn out we failed to sign a good e tough replacement for Adam’s …come on this is far better team than Lee Clarke was allowed but needs goals and a keeper and tinkering with ..Come on show grue grit take no prisoners ..wheres your bottle .,who are ya …get it in there …Super blues …KRO ..

  • Gazal and John Flavel…why don’t you both spread your venom on other sites if you feel they are supposingly better

    • What are you talking about spreading vermin with only two people actually supporting the club here really. But only 4 weeks ago when we were sitting in a place you were all jumping for joy talking about promotion over selling things. We go on a bad run and now it’s relegation so why don’t you give over. The only vermin in here is you.

  • Wow, this Flavel guy needs to calm down and show respect,as well as his ‘choice language’. People make their comments soley on their feelings and emotions which in turn are from the heart. Face the facts bucko, Blues are in a bad place at the moment and this is down to poor ownership and inept Team Management. Re: your comment “you know this club never runs smoothly….’, so your happy to accept this are you? This comment is based on ‘the same old story’ that people like you accept. Well it dam well needs to change in attitude,and hopefully when the club eventually is sold I for one will be voicing to the new owners that a complete new mindset is needed to take the club forward,sweeping aside all previous negatives like yours

  • I do not have any respect for this site you are correct because it’s a rubbish site aimed at spreading descent. And you’re one of the fools that are buying into it. Not clearly stated on many other occasions I’m not happy with the way things are going but but crying into my milk is not going to change things. What changes things is getting beyond the manager and the team. Instead of putting them down all the time.

  • John.Problem is we fans are fed up with the continual getting behind the manager and players etc. Just because we moan and groan about passed season’s total shambolic decisions with rubbish managers being brought in and good quality ones being sacked, doesn’t mean we are being negative. Reality is what it is.

    • John with respect and thats what we need to each o5ther.ihave supported blues for 52 years season ticket holder for 40. We are not learning but falling further away .the facts are that clotet as no record of success even lesz than zola who was plucked fron the desert and clotets record is than his .clotet is just doing what he is told and that makes him a yes man ren is running bcfc. We need a warnock or Allardyce but we wont sign them.because they wont be yes men. We have not progreesed at alll we take astep.forward and 2 back .if we do go down i think we will be fished

  • Every season we hear talk of top six, and then we go into free fall. if we hadnt won a few games early on, our present run 1 win in 12 we would be deep in relegation trouble .it happens ever season FACT the owners want top six but are unable or unwinning to invest in to give us a chance. Thats shows to me they have no long term plan and no knowledge of football

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