Date: 3rd January 2020 at 7:00am
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Down to the bare-bones.

That more or less sums up Birmingham City is some areas of the pitch right now, especially when it comes to centre-backs.

During the defeat to Wigan Athletic, Pep Clotet was forced to put Gary Gardner, traditionally a central or defensive-midfielder into the backline to compensate for the injuries that the team have succumbed to. Speaking after the game, the Spaniard explained his thought process for putting Gardner in that position, and how it came out of necessity rather than desire:

“That has been a position that has been hard for us since the injuries to Robbo (Marc Roberts) and Jake (Clark-Salter). We played there with Geraldo (Bajrami) and Wes (Harding). I thought Gary Gardner could help us. I wanted him and Josh (McEachran) to try and play a little more from the back. He’s good in the air and he’s played there in pre-season and it was the last thing that we could try.”

This just goes back to what I was saying yesterday when talking about the position that Clotet finds himself in right now. His hands are tied behind his back so much, that it would just be unfair to say that the poor run of form is completely down to him.

Contrast it to the early months of the season when the Blues were eight in the table, partly because he had a much bigger squad to choose from back then. So as I said yesterday, I’ll say again now. Let’s just wait until he has the resources available to him before we can fully assess how much of this is down to him and whether or not a change is required.

Where will the Blues finish this season?

Top Six

Top Six

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7th - 12th

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13th - 21st



And with the January window upon us, maybe the board will dip into their pockets to try and get him the funds, and subsequently the players that he needs to help turn this thing around.

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6 Replies to “As Clotet lays out major injury concern, he needs to be given the benefit of the doubt – Opinion”

  • Matthew, appreciate your blog as always along with Mitch Brays. On this particular one I feel the rot had begun to set in way before the injuries. Bottom line, the majority of the players are not good enough to install new techniques and simply wont work with most of the current squad. How on earth you can play Gary Gardner at centre half beggers belief! The reasoning Clotet gives for this move is in the realms of fantasy I’m afraid. The club is now in dire straights and facing not only the possibility of relegation, but I understand from sources that there is no money to spend?

  • I’m a little confused with this blog although I agree with you.

    This team with a new Goalkeeper/Striker and central defender would be top six.

    However only a few weeks ago you said it was time for a change and Pep needed to go?

    Is this a reaction blog or your opinion?



  • Mitchell Bray in disguise it’s a jackal and Hyde site it’s all the same person play in one set of hands off against the other. I would say maybe by cut this rubbish and form your own opinions.

    It’s pretty obvious that things are not going well for blues at the minute it will be another season similar to last season. I was hoping for me table I was never in the roles of promotion even if we did get promoted would have no chance of staying up even if we made the playoffs would have to win them to get promoted which is very unlikely we need at least two seasons to put together a team capable of achieving this.

  • You are a ‘ Pep in’ guy?

    But you want the coaching staff gone?

    Is he not one of the coaching staff?

    Which is it to be ?

    In or out?


  • Excuses Excuses!!!! Clotet did not HAVE to play Gardner in the back four on Wednesday lets get that straight he chose to because he thought that we would beat Wigan easily .He should have stuck with Bajarmi who despite his occasional dodgy moment on his debut I thought adapted very well indeed to first Team football, far better than Harding when he played there or as it turned out Gardner and I am afraid we got what we deserved against Wigan through Clotet playing a weak back four.

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