Date: 2nd March 2019 at 11:02am
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Written by Mitchell Bray:

Imagine the scenario if Blues were to cement a top six place before the hapless EFL reach their decision date on our fate. With this a real possibility, what would they do? Deny the club and pir fabulous supporters the playoff excitement? Punish a very tight squad that has been denied freedom to add to its paltry ranks? Or think sensibly and applaud the remarkable achievement of what true football is about without megabucks?

Yes, the Club has done wrong on various fronts and has acknowledged the fact, but it has also adhered to the constraints dished out by the EFL. Football achievements by the lesser spending clubs always create greater respect by everyone – especially the neutrals. Leicester City on winning the Premier League comes to mind as does Wigan winning the FA Cup a few years ago.

As the weeks fly by, I feel the EFL may rethink their deliberations should we get into serious playoff territory, not because of any massive respect towards our club, but because of the outcry from different sources mainly the national sporting press. Sports pages will have a field day blasting the EFL, BCFC and Garry Monk will be high focus for the footballing world and more importantly, we will be compared to those overspending clubs who have ‘got away with it’ by spending far more.

Many may think this fanciful thinking but the reality is that should we continue our unexpected progress up the league and into the number six spot, would the EFL have the stomach to risk a backlash of prolonged criticism and a summer of national press digging up more serious cases than that of our own. Easy way out of this of course would be a suspended points deduction.

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5 Replies to “Amazing Blues Could Put The Cat Among The Pigeons”

  • The EFL have to think very seriously about the implications of this and are setting a precedent as to what will happen in the future. To think there is still such a grey area with regards to punishment for not adhering to FFP is a joke. There should be a punishment set out that is the same for all teams e.g. If you fail to work within FFP guidelines, your punishment is x. To have some teams fined and others docked points is unfair, especially on the fans. Also, to have this hanging over us for months on end and to have hampered us over two transfer windows and we could still end up being docked points is ridiculous. If it does cost us a place in the play offs (which it probably won’t) the EFL are leaving themselves wide open to legal action

    • The issue for me is that with any offence there is a deterrent, for example if you speed you get points, if you drink & drive you lose your license etc. As we are the first to be punished there isn’t a deterrent as the EFL never announced what the punishment would be.
      For this reason we should be given a suspended sentence that states if no improvement is made we suffer the punishment that will soon be decided upon.

  • I dont agree. There has to be staggered punishments otherwise you’re punishing all instances regardless of severity.

    • All for staggered punishments but as I said, these need to be black and white… if you do x, then x is the punishment

  • My own findings with the EFL is that they do ‘stubborn ‘ really well. They feel very powerful and tend to milk it. What we don’t know is how they feel about flexing their muscles amid possible repercussions in the shape of legal contesting. Example would be if Man.City or Villa were in the same boat as us-would they relish a real fight via these clubs hiring top Barristers.Maybe not. Today’s result at Hull and Rotherham and Reading winning once again gets us looking at ‘what if’ we were deducted 12 points. Fluctuations change weekly especially after a loss which is not healthy for anybody,certainly not the paying fans. Clarity and consideration is not what the EFL do,in my opinion,and until enough pressure is put on them by influential sources then they will continue to ensure the power. Easter is a defining period for most clubs,whether fighting for promotion or avoiding relegation. This awful,almost cruel episode against our club spanning a very,very long time must reach a conclusion before these Easter games arrive. We need to know whether we fight the drop or break into the heady heights.

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