Date: 30th June 2020 at 9:00am
Written by: Mark Day

I think this might be a case of putting two and two together and making five.

Although weirder things have happened in football, and we have gone down this road before, so at this stage you can’t rule it out, even if it does go completely in the face of what we should expect from the new Blues boss.

Former Liverpool man Robbie Fowler has left his job at A-League side Brisbane Roar, further fuelling speculation that he could be set to become the next boss at St Andrew’s. He was tipped for the job last week from former Birmingham midfielder Robbie Savage, although it should be noted there is nothing official to link him to the job yet other than Savage’s comments.

What kind of manager should the Blues look to appoint?

Young up-and-comer

Young up-and-comer

More experienced

More experienced

But that didn’t stop @BCFC_News from posing the question to supporters whether or not Fowler would be a good option for the club to pursue once Pep Clotet departs the club, and it received a resounding no from those on social media.

What about you? Would you want Fowler at St Andrew’s?

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10 Replies to ““Zola fiasco all over again”- Some Blues fans left disgusted at latest name linked to be manager”

  • Matthew Baldwin why do you purposely seek out the negative comments?, is it because you don’t want Fowler so you try to brainwash people into thinking that he’s a bad idea for manager thru the power of the media?. I saw loads of comments yesterday saying they would love to have him after the job he’s done in Oz. Tbh I think i’d rather have him than some of the other names banded about.

    • If the owners want to appoint someone who will just leave us floundering in the Championship nether regions then appoint Fowler, it is their money that they are throwing away and perhaps another year of failure will make them appoint a competent CEO, or even sell up to someone who actually understands football.

      • R Smith I’m not saying that he should or shouldn’t be the next manager but what makes YOU so sure that he would be a failure? the fact that he has no record of managing in this country maybe? If that is the case then I would say over 50% of people managing in this country should never have been appointed.

      • How do you know he wouldn’t be a success let me guess you’d rather have an older experienced manager who knows the league. Someone who’s tactics are twenty years behind the times. I hear all this crap at the games you need forward thinking managers who bring fresh ideas and develop the club. Theres lots of managers that have never managed in the championship that have been successful in it. Jokanovic, Lampard, werner, bielsa, nuno at wolves when he was appointed everyone made a joke of it and nobody knew who he was. Look at how that worked out and when we have plumped for these so called experienced managers it has been a disaster. monk hadnt managed till he was given an opportunity by Swansea. It rarely works out going for these old fashioned style managers cotterill Redknapp the list can go on. Steve Bruce hadn’t managed a club before that worked out pretty well. For me it’s a three horse race fowler, bowyer or jokankvic (which obviously wont happen).

  • Favors a 3-4-2-1 system does our Robbie so that would suit our owners down to a tee, we all remember that is the attractive style of play what Pepsi (sorry Ren) wanted to play at the start of the season until he (sorry Ren) ditched it after getting a few drubbings so is this a case of deja vu

  • we need an experieneed manager at the moment , do not expreiment,we need somebody who knows what he is doing , not somebody who is going to learn on the job!!

  • They said that Steven Gerrard turned us down the club haven’t even spoken to Steven Gerrard I very much doubt they even speaking to Robbie Fowler. We’re most likely get some photo manager with never heard of.

  • I think Robby would be perfect,he is very good looking & prides himself on the lovely suits in his wardrobe. He could show videos of liverpool in the eighties & the goals he scored. If we fail to get robbie then some experienced manager like John bond or Jimmy sirrel or perhaps Bob paisley.

  • Massive different between the A League in OZ and the Championship in the UK.
    Robbie may have learnt some Mandarin while downunder which could be useful but that’s all!!

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