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“Thing of beauty”, “hideous”- Some Blues split over new kit concepts following new club deal

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I made my views about ‘concept kits’ very clear a few months ago.

“Either the club is doing incredibly well, so fans aren’t being bogged down by the thought of relegation and can afford to have some fun, or the person designing it just has nothing better to do.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally against the idea of them, some of the designs that people put out are incredible. My only issue is that what the club ends up getting is usually so poor in comparison, that you sort of feel deflated when the actual kit comes out.

But with the news on Friday coming out that the club has announced a new deal with Nike to become the kit supplier, it has sparked @JustAnotherKit1 into action to come up with what they think or hope the kit will look like in 2020/21.

Were you a fan of the 'penguin' kits?





And it certainly sparked a bit of a response from the Blues fans on social media, with many different view points thrown around for the options provided.

What about you? What do you make of these kits, and the idea of concept kits in general?

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  • Roy says:

    Must be royal blue. Hate the penguin shirt. My personal favourite is the 2002/3 all blue strip. Looked really classy.

  • R Smith says:

    The Penguin kit of 1971-1975 will always remind me of the wonderful days of Francis, Latchford and the massively underrated Hatton. Exciting football, big crowds, deafening atmospheres, and I was younger then. The best kit we ever had in my humble opinion.

  • jeff orme says:

    would be ok without the side stripes

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    Nike will stick the tick dead Centre not to the left or right. And it will have the cutout at the sides. The Birmingham city badge will most likely be below the tick dead Centre.

    That’s a classic Nike shirt looks. It won’t look anything like this concept shirt.

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