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“You and that team don’t care”- These Blues fans tear into defender following his comments

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It’s all well and good saying it, it’s doing it that is going to be the important bit.

And if the Blues want to keep the fans happier than they have been, then they’re going to have to do an awful lot to get them back on side.

Speaking after the club’s dismal defeat to Huddersfield Town at St Andrew’s last night, defender Maxime Colin talked about the team’s porous defensive record since the Championship has restarted.

“It’s been two games, we’ve conceded 6 goals at home, it is not acceptable. We need to look at ourselves in the mirror. It is a bad performance.”

Are we safe yet?





So whilst he accepted that things aren’t as good as they can be, his honesty didn’t buy him much favour with the Blues fans on social media, who tore into not just the Frenchman, but the rest of the team as well, urging them to get their act together ahead of the run-in.

What about you? What do you make of Colin’s comments on the matter?

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  • tracey tyler says:

    A few have taken everything for granted,what is wanted is for a few of them to have their feathers ruffled like bringing in Harding for Colin for starters,why should Harding always be the one to step aside, unfortunately cannot be so confident on Centre Backs as Roberts is about as good as Dean and thats not saying a lot.Trouble is the youngsters are virtually untried and with a depleted squad we have not got a lot to choose from quality wise now, think Sunjic will be back weekend but the whole situation is bleak

  • steve h. says:

    what is wrong with the board with just a handful of games left its time to bring in a new man NOW, trouble is the owners no little about football. DEAN an the rest of the defence have been very poor its like they are just turning up for the weekly paycheck. they think they are safe so nothing to play for and its reflected on to the field, get someone in tried and tested and do it NOW.

  • jonathan fletcher says:


  • tracey tyler says:

    I said at the time Clotet should never had been made Coach and I have been proved right, he was a cheap option with not a great record in his only previous managers job at Oxford .You reap what you sow

  • Jimmy says:

    Get Martin O Connor in as caretaker manager for last few games. At least he could motivate the team . He had more passion than most of the players on the pitch last night. I would get Horsfield and Martin Grainger in there too and give the players a lecture about what it means to wear the shirt.

  • Wallyb says:

    Pep should be on the next flight to Spain – 3-0 and no substitutions!! He has resigned – pay him out and say “Adios” – put Gardner in as “Acting” and get a new manager in the Summer. We have to hope Wigan get -12 and other results go our way – doubt we will win again this season . The Spanish experiment has been a total disaster – rubbish players and an inept Head Coach.

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