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Birmingham City’s New Manager Is Needed Now, Not Later

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Whatever Birmingham City supporters feel right now about our club, the stark reality is that a new Manager/Head Coach is desperately needed. Now not later.

Without doubt, the playing side of the club is woeful with little hope of seeing any improvement.

Against lower opposition, we always succumb to the sucker punch and these last few days that has again highlighted the problem as we’ve been unable to overcome it. We need direction on the pitch and we need it now. If current levels continue, performance-wise, then the last few games will be very nervous.

Our Championship status has to be preserved as at present we must be ranked bottom of the league.

Players all over the place have plummeted in form and most notably direction, with zero confidence obviously noted. We don’t win games, we certainly do not look any threat up front and we certainly don’t look like improving.

Since the hideous timing of the Clotet exit, at such a delicate time when the football restart was announced, is it any wonder everybody has ‘down tools’? Players have no appetite to please is the best way I can put it, and that is being kind.

Fulham away is too near for change but the following five games must be overseen by a proper set-up. By this, it should be outside of what we currently have with no upgrading of our latest backroom staff.

Unless action is swiftly taken then the likes of Hogan and Juke will continue to flounder, as well as a midfield that is anything but. Defensively, we are poor in thought and aggression which comes across very early to opposing sides.

Easy fodder is not what Blues are normally associated with but thanks to this Kamikaze set up at St.Andrews then that’s exactly what we are. We need someone in swiftly that can wake this comatose squad up and I include the current Manager.

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  • Richard G says:

    Middlesbrough had the right idea, they got rid of Woodgate and appointed Warnock.

  • tracey tyler says:

    Middlesborough have a proper Chairman, we DO NOT. Its not like they can sack Clotet now because of the situation they have created for themselves,logic has gone out of the window.

  • Jimmy says:

    Once It was known Pep was no longer here next season a change should have been made. Now we have a lame duck manager for the last few games. What a shambles.

  • Smithy says:

    Wigan may well be our saviours. Serious.

  • tracey tyler says:

    Is this what we have come to, relying on other teams misfortunes to save us, SAD

  • Mitchell says:

    Afraid it has come to this Tracey. We haven’t a proper team at the moment and that’s the truth. Should we survive this term I am urging the club to switch any possible spending on Hogan to that of Adams. £7m. would do it I feel , although wages might be an issue.

  • Charles says:

    Whoever replaces Clotet under Ren will be a carbon copy. Remit will be: Training overseen behind glass office window at Wast Hills-a person who is desperate for a job and will move aside should the trading top and cap be worn by the CEO and be expected to get the club into the top six with bargain buys. Journeyman Manager would fit the bill nicely.

  • Bob Taylor says:

    Why not go for sol Campbell & Kevin Philips & use the money from the Bellingham sale & go for the players man u have let go three young players up for grabs there show us blues fans you mean business & get rid of people that don’t want to be at our club like pep let’s Av it KRO

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