Date: 28th January 2017 at 5:59pm
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Carrow Road has long been on the list of grounds Blues don’t like to visit and if their current form continues, they’ll be adding several more grounds to that list.

Pressure is mounting on Gianfranco Zola after nine winless games in charge. Reading’s visit to St. Andrews on Tuesday has now become paramount, not only for Blues’ season, but perhaps also for Zola’s job. Rather than looking up, Blues are now nervously glancing over their shoulder as they could so easily be sucked into the relegation dog fight.

Cameron Jerome set the tone with a 15th minute goal just seconds after Lukas Jutkiewicz rattled the crossbar. Blues did have their chances but, as usual, gums instead of teeth came to the fore at crunch moments.

As one caller to the BBC WM phone in put it, Zola is ‘trying to play champagne football with lemonade players’. Many of these lemonade players are same ones who produced results under Gary Rowett – except the lemonade was fizzy, now it’s flat. Since the change of manager and the resulting change of style, defensively Blues have become amateurish as if they’ve forgotten everything they were previously about.

I was critical of the football under Rowett and I’m not calling for Zola’s head just yet. But it’s becoming harder and harder by the week to defend him. The longer this winless run goes on, the harder it becomes.

By the time Timm Klose added Norwich’s second two minutes before the interval with a completely unmarked header, the writing was on the wall.

Zola was as honest as ever during his post match press conference. His trust in his players and confidence in his own ability is admirable in many ways. Yet fans only want results, nothing else matters in their eyes.

While Blues played on the front foot for most of the first half, basic errors have cost the team. When you’re so flimsy in the final third, you simply cannot afford to make these errors and until Zola addresses this, Blues will merely be making up the numbers on any football pitch.

Blues have two home games in the next week and both will be played out in front of a dismayed St. Andrews. Failure to win either game will create a toxic atmosphere and the knives will be out. I like Zola, I admire what he’s trying to do and I really hope it comes good. I’ve never wished success on any manager as much as I do Zola – but let’s be realistic, we should be doing much better.

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24 Replies to “Winless run stretches to nine as Canaries fly past Blues”

  • Rob.We are in trouble.Zola needs to be allowed to leave before any further damage is him I do but he has now caused reliable defenders to play in a style that doesn’t make sense. He is a liability and thank goodness we only need another 9pts for relative safety.Panos and TTA made a monumental error in replacing Rowett with Zola.these things happen but we must move on and quickly.

  • Moderation over panic is always the way to approach situations that we have over Zola.TTA must take action along with Panos who by now must accept this managerial change has and will not work. Examples as follows: Shotton and Morrison have become very poor players since Zola’s arrival,Midfielders and attackers-apart from Juke have gone rapidly backward and I have to say our goalkeeper has been very,very suspect. New system by Zola is completely ruining our team and no amount of optimism is going to see a change in fortune.Rowett was no star but it hurts me to admit that I would welcome him back-low possession and all.

  • We all know about Jerome’s pace and strength , in our back four only Nsue has Jerome’s pace , I think we all know that we need another proven striker up front now ,Norwich had 3 in their squad , the Juke and the Don are the only proven players we have at this level . Adams and others will come good but we need one now ..As they said on telly there wasn’t enough to put the chances away .. we still not putting enough shots on target to win …Although we are getting enough shots at goal …

  • We beat Norwich 3-0 under GR convincingly and now we lose 2-0 under Zola with this so called attacking side that cant hit a barn door with a shovel. How much longer dues this have to go on for the board to see what a Big mistake they have made. #Zola OUT

  • WayCoolBlue you could also say we lost to Barnsley 3-0 under Rowett yet drew under Zola. You can’t keep comparing it to Rowett, he’s gone.

  • Yes I can who are you to tell my what to think. Infect I know it Rowett was and is the better manager end of story.

  • Mr Wildey I think is only natural to compare the old with the new. Rowett, has gone yes but this just highlights what a Big mistake that was. I can not help wondering where mite have been had sir Gary Rowett, still been in charge. 6th or 7th or maybe higher who knows but where we are now is a disgrace and Zola need to walk away or the board must sack him.

  • We now have the team to play 3-5-2 (Zolas preferred method of play). So why aren’t we playing it? I give him 3 games top before he gets sacked.

  • WayCoolBlue were you not telling me what to think and say about Jack Storer last week? Ljaz- right or wrong, they won’t sack him.

  • Rob Your being childish now I was not telling you what to think at all I just disagreed with you because you was just assuming thing about Jack Storer, but we can all see for our self’s bringing in Zola is a bad choice. What is impotent is where we go from here if the board don’t sack him then they are not the clever business minds they clime to be.

  • Do you realise if we lose Gianfranco now all the work he and his backroom staff have done will be lost!
    For over a month now a talented team of Italian chefs have been working on new menu ideas for the St Andrews food kiosks. Do we want their hard work to be wasted? Calzones or crusty meat pies? New Jersey pizza dogs with fried potatoes and peppers or boiled sausage with flavourless onions and cheap ketchup?
    That’s what it will come to!
    A backward step in my opinion. Give the lads a chance and let’s see this Italian revolution transform StAndrews to one of footballs culinary greats !!

  • Rab they will indeed sack him if results don’t improve its inevitable. I would say we need another 13 points to stay up in 19 games. If we carry on acquiring points at Zolas current rate we would get 8 points from 19 games. If they want to be investing in a league 1 team then they have the right man in charge.

  • Rob,Waycool and David. No good even considering and arguing various points. Zola has been a big disaster and I am sure Panos will take action after Tuesday game. No point in comparisons etc as Zola is renown for being the nice man but a calamitous manager. Karen Brady was right. Relegation is what bluenoses now fear purely due to the fact that we cannot see us beating any team. Our team is nervous,timid and certainly lack any bottle that we once had. Time for a no nonsense manager to get us being solid again. Cap in hand Panos and take a deep swallow and phone Rowetts mobile asap.

  • Brooklyn I’ve got it on good authority that they’re very unlikely to sack him. And even if they do, Rowett shouldn’t and wouldn’t return. We’ve moved on.

  • Rob.Maybe so regarding Zola.however TTA will not let this farce go on-expect Panos to be sacrificed.His decision to pursue Zola and kick Rowett out. His decision to recruit a new manager that of all clubs is not suited to hiss stle of play.

  • Brooklyn- do you honestly think it was Panos’ decision alone to boot Rowett? Zola has connections to the owners.

  • I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face. We need a stricker fast and zola is a ***** manager. He needs to go now. Before it’s to late. Bye bye zola bring bk gary rowett. Tta don’t know wot there doing. Two tuff games coming up.

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