Date: 19th August 2019 at 7:30pm
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How many games is enough for you to start making changes?

Is three too few? Usually, I’d say yes. You’d find it weird if a manager was sacked after just three games, but does that sentiment continue with the players on the pitch as well?

After his display at the weekend against Nottingham Forest, I think it’s worth asking the question about whether or not Lee Camp should remain as Birmingham’s number one goalkeeper. The thing is, this doesn’t just revolve around the three games so far this season, this is something you could have seen coming based off previous records.

As I wrote earlier this summer, if you look at the statistical breakdown it should always have been David Stockdale that took the role as starting goalkeeper. Not only does Stockdale keep a better clean sheet record, but he also concedes on a goals per game basis.

In his 232 appearances in the Championship, he has kept 72 clean sheets which is roughly 1 every 3.22 games, compared to Lee Camp whose record is 3.28. It’s not the greatest margin of victory, but it shows that Stockdale has a better record. If we go by goals conceded as well, Stockdale comes out on top again. Stockdale concedes on average 1.19 goals a game, and Camp concedes 1.45. Plus, to top it all off, Camp has a man bun, which in my mind is a sackable offence straight away. Unless you’re world-class like Gareth Bale, you shouldn’t be out in public with one.

For whatever reason though, Pep Clotet is still insisting on going with Camp in goal, but hopefully the Forest game gives him cause for thought. At this stage, is it possibly worth considering bringing in one of the U23 goalkeepers, like Connal Trueman or Moha Ramos to see if they are any better than what the club currently has on offer?

It’s clear to see that the hierarchy at Birmingham doesn’t have a lot of faith in either Camp or Stockdale beyond this season, the fact that they are both the final year of their respective contracts demonstrate that.

So why carry on the pretence that they are still important to the club? After Camp’s display on the weekend, combined with his previous track record, he should be demoted and Stockdale should be given another chance in goal. If things still don’t work out, then move on to the younger players. Keep changing until you find the right answer because as it stands, the current one is holding the club back.

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22 Replies to “The time has come for change at St Andrew’s, and the club isn’t short of replacements – Opinion”

    • Here you go again

      Reactions after one game

      You didn’t mention that Camp assisted big us big style in both previous games?

      So if we had drawn and Camp was man of the match what would you have come up with.

      Lack of goals etc

      You need a little patience mate

      Always a blue

  • Not much cover for Pedersen was the main reason, Seddon should have played and should play in every game for me, I would play Trueman, why he was never fully used in Pre-Season is one of the great mysteries.

  • No cover for Pedersen was the main reason for this calamity, Seddon should have played in front of him for he covers back and his a threat going forward, dont think Villalba is the type to track back which to be honest Clotet should have known so it was a poor selection by Clotet, think Trueman should start in front of Camp and Stockdale, why he was not fully used in Pre-Season is still a mystery to me

  • You obviously didn’t see the Brighton or Portsmouth games where Stockdale was pure gash. Against Bristol City and Brentford Camp made save after save. I was one of those last year calling for Lee Camp to be dropped however he has been good this season where Stockdale looks a shadow of the keeper we bought.

    • Birmingham have had so many good goal keeper’s in the past and noticeably now that ain’t the case !Arguably camp had a couple of good game’s before the forest game but that doesn’t take away the fact how unreliable he is ! As for Stockdale been number 1 then that is daft his more unreliable and well past it .I think it’s about time are young hungry goal keepes are given a chance! Kro

  • Stockdale is shite did you not watch the Pompey game.
    Camp is shite we should have got a keeper in the summer.
    The owners need replacing we will go down if Pep is still manager ten games in.

    • Pep is NOT the manager he is caretaker head coach, he’s just a puppet and Ren is pulling the strings, as long as he is at the club we’re going nowhere fast.

  • At the end of the season we needed to improve the goal keeper situation. We sign a keeper who as yet can’t get into the U/23 team. Morrison goes and needs to be replaced we sign a Chelsea loanee who can’t get into the team. Midfield we jettison Jota and sign 3 nice footballers but no steel. So we weaken the midfield. Up front we sell TWO pacy strikers and replace neither. Result we have only one up front. The opposition gets into our nice midfield who then create nothing and do not protect the back four. Have we got a better team? NO! Is this style of play going to succeed NO! If you want to play in the style of Barcelona then what you need to be is …..Barcelona.

  • Matthew Baldwin I would question whether you have even been to a match. Stockdale should never put a Blues shirt on again. Lee Camp certainly earned us the points at Brentford and Bristol and wasn’t at fault Saturday. Players have left and not been replaced certain players brought in aren’t good enough personally I believe that our u23 players are better than Clarke slater and Medina. The system doesn’t work and Pep not experienced manager

  • Chris Houghton needed urgently – doubt though that any decent manager would want to take the job on and inherit our summer signings. We should have invested big time in Puscas instead of dredging lower grade Spanish players who just won’t make it in our physical league.

  • You clearly don’t go to any games. Camp played well for the first two games, against Brentford and kept us in the game many times against Bristol City. Stockdale got his chance against Portsmouth and was horrendous. The whole team was poor on Saturday. Jutkiewicz is not mobile enough to play up front on his own, so we are going to lack goals until that area is addressed.

  • Camp saved us against bristol was at fault for first goal against forest he should have got that one. stockdale is far worse he can’t jump having watches truman a few timeshe isnt good enough we need a keeper a morrison a hard midfielder at lest on striker with pace we wont get them.why wait till last day to try to
    To try to sign four strikers? Should have been first priority from day one idiots .

  • Lee Camp isn’t a great keeper but he is not overweight like some. He kept us in the game against Brentford, get off his back.

  • Ahh…the usual spot for this obvious Villa fan to write all his tripe and and his undercover villa cronies to come and support him with snidey comments.
    It was all about the “mass exodus” last week, now it’s Camp, who is a steady, reliable GK…just anyone to target with abuse.

    Give over son and let’s hope you soon get a spot over at vital villa.

  • Sits around all day thinking of something controversial to write just so he can get the responses. Best way to get rid is to ignore him. He will have to get a proper job then.

  • … Haters , make believe, put,kettle,black!,,, Look whoever you are that’s all these! GET-OFF Camps back!! What about allthegoodstuff/Saves he does ……

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