Date: 9th August 2019 at 11:00am
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Well, I suppose it could have been busier.

The Blues had a relatively quiet last couple of hours in the transfer window, with the biggest news of the day being Isaac Vassell’s move to Cardiff City.

But before deadline day, you’ve got to get through the other 99% of the window. So how did City do this summer? Well I’m about to tell you. Spanish seemed to be the order of the window, as the club announced plenty of players from La Liga clubs, including the likes of Moha Ramos, Alvaro Gimenez and Agustin Medina.

The best bit of business: This is going to sound like it’s the obvious choice, but if I’m being brutally honest there is only one choice, at least there is in my mind anyway. It’s Ivan Sunjic and it’s not even close. I said when they were first linked with him that I thought this was going to be a move that could ‘rocket Birmingham up the league’ and although he’s only made one substitute appearance so far this season, there is a lot of potential that is waiting to be unleashed.

The worst bit of business: This is going to sound weird, but I think the worst bit of business was the signing of Moha Ramos. Not because I don’t think he’s a good player, but predominantly because of the confusion that it creates around the position, as I’ve talked about before. Whilst this could all be cleared up with players either moving to lower leagues or abroad (because their windows close much later), until I see a much more straight forward hierarchy between the sticks, I’m going to be slightly sceptical about how it was all handled.

On a secondary note, unless there’s some free agent floating around that Pep Clotet has been keeping under wraps for the past couple of weeks, I do think that the lack of forwards is a bit of a concern for me.

Overall: I consider it a successful window. The star signings are obviously the standout names and have added some real class to the side. Not only that, but the contract extensions for the likes of Harlee Dean, Lukas Jutkiewicz and Maxime Colin are excellent signs of intent that Clotet wants to keep the core of this squad together.

It was always going to be hard to keep hold of Che Adams after the season he had, but the signings that the club have made, even if they aren’t in his position will more than makeup for the disappointment of losing him in my mind.

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18 Replies to “Ola señor, bienvenido a Birmingham: How well did City do in the window? – Opinion”

    • Yes I believe blessing eleke of lucerne would have linked up well with juke they only wanted four million

    • Yes I believe blessing eleke of lucerne would have linked up well with juke they only wanted four million

    • Because his work permit would have taken up to 28 days to clear. And he may not have even got a work permit.

  • we lost 1 class player in che but reaplce with 3 or 4+. I am more thanb happy with peps work, but less happy with blues fans and the attitude. blues did try to sign a another striker and it didnt go to plan because of pricea and wages. Why go into further debt. our squad is good enough to challenge. support pep and what he does.

    • One bad injury or suspensions would leave us with 1 or perhaps no forwards. How can that be a healthy position? You can’t seriously think that only 2 out and out forwards is a complete squad.

  • Why do we keep ignoring the fact that we’ve got u18 and u23 sides with forwards? Che has been ‘replaced’ with Gimenez, Vassell has gone to Cardiff but are we seriously going to miss 1 goal in 20 odd games? We’ve brought in attacking midfielders – give it a few weeks and see how it pans out. We might just find out whether it was Monk or Clotet who made the difference to us!!

    • We might find out if Monk or Clotet made the difference? I have heard that before when Cotterell arrived and people said it was Cotterell who kept us up not Redknapp. Now let’s try and remember how that finished.. . Clotet has got absolutely no pedigree for managing in the championship. This has all the ingredients of a disaster

    • I bet you are one of those people who still think Brexit will end well too. We may have a better squad with more attacking midfielders if everyone is fit and able to play, but have you ever heard of injuries and suspensions? If our under 18s and 21s are so good why didn’t they get a run out and put Portsmouth to the sword? I admire your optimism but being realistic is also a useful attribute.

  • The best signings are Sunjic, Crowley and Villalba. Villalba and Crowley behind the striker while Sunjic and Gardner protect the back line sounds good. Ramos is gonna be first choice as soon as he gets familiar with his team mates. Stockdale has looked very poor and tbh Lee Camp has no worries about the no 1 spot from that direction. I don’t know how good the Spanish second division is but Alvaro Giminez looks like he’ll be competing with Jutkiewicz for a lone striker role than playing alongside. He looks very good in the air. Most of his 20 goals were headers. I think it was a poor decision to sell Vassell and go into a season with just two strikers. I hope we can find a good freebie striker with a bit of pace. I hear Frazier Campbell is available and providing he is over his injury problems wouldn’t be a bad addition. All in all a mixed transfer window in which we lost some big players which we only partially replaced and significantly improved other areas of the team.

  • Not at all concerned. Most teams playing with this system only have two strikers in the squad. The forward play Perp is trying to introduce will allow other players to be in scoring positions. I just hope we have the right quality in the other players to score the goals though.
    We have been sadly missing quality in the final third for a long time and as yet we don’t know if we have enough in our locker, but I’m sure Jude and Odin will be given some opportunities this season. If it isn’t working out we have funds to bring in some fresh blood in January.
    Just hope the dooooooomed squad keep their thoughts to themselves, have a bit of patience and give Pep a chance as it may take a good few games to get settled.

  • Daniel Sturridge who’s training with our first team he has no Club I don’t know why he was training with us but he still is.

    We need a striker and he needs a club he wood be perfect.

    I have heard that vassell was sold for 3 million. That money could be used to put a package together for free agent Daniel Sturridge. But this could all be nonsense I don’t know.

    Or It could have some truth in it

    • Waycoolblue, now don’t get me all excited lol Sturridge would be an amazing deal, he’d bang in loads of goals, and he’s a brummie too, if we got him,I would really start to believe

  • We can speculate as much as we want about the new players and how they will fit into the team. The reality is we won’t know until we’re up and running. Having seen us so far, we look vulnerable when the ball is dropped in behind our advanced wing-backs. It’s a big area to cover behind them with three centre-backs. Hopefully the new additions can get forward and support Jukey up front, because so far, he has been playing virtually on his own. Jude Bellingham looks a class act and will surely figure this season. Once he gets used to the difference between playing with the youngsters and the men’s league, he’ll become a club hero.

    Note for the editor, ‘Ola’ actually means ‘wave’ in Spanish, ‘hola’ is hello!


  • Pay as you play at best wherever Sturridge ends up. As for our squad I think we may have enough in terms of variety to be able to cope with most game situations. Seems a lot of people think you just play one formation for 90 minutes in every game, but this is so far from true. The best teams are able to pick a team and formation to suite each game and situation so at times we will be going long with our backs to the wall (We can do this) and the other extreme being a passing possession game where we are higher up the pitch (hoping we can do this) I am really looking forward to seeing us evolve over the coming season.

  • If we dont need more than one striker why did they go flat on last day too late as always to try to sign 4 strikers the whole world and his dog knew we needed a striker .we have lost 22 goals.hiw long before other side allow us to have the ball and play pretty pretty football knowing we have no cutting edge. We look fantastic but true is we aren’t going to score other sides will catch us on the brake as happened twice on saturday
    A game we bossed in midfleld
    We could have lost .once the season is in fuli swing we will see sides hitting us on the brake as for vassell he had a very serious injury and then complications adams could not be left out last season lets see who finish higher us or cardiff lets see how mant goals vessell gets

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