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Report: Pep Clotet’s words on training regime should set the stage for next season’s plans

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It looks like the Blues were ahead of the curve on this one (no pun intended).

Before they had officially shut their doors when it came to keeping players at home and working on their own individual training plans, it turns out that the Blues were one step ahead when it came to keeping the players fit.

Speaking to Sky Sports in their ‘At Home With’ series, boss Pep Clotet talked about the measures that the Blues put in place to make sure that the players stayed on top of their games whilst away from Wast Hills:

“We put a lot of thought into it, we prepared just in case to have some protocols. What we did was we took a lot of equipment we had in the gym and we distributed it to them [the players] at their places and we gave them a weekly plan. To be fair the players are enjoying it because they have a lot of time on their own now and getting fit.”

And whilst we must applaud the Blues for their effort in making sure the players are at a general level of fitness, let’s just hope that they are just as diligent when it comes to getting players ready and up to a level of match fitness.

Can you see the 2020/21 season being played behind closed doors?





There has been talk of players returning to training on May 16th, ready for games to get going again on June 6th, so those few weeks are going to be crucial to make sure the players are at 100% and ready to hit the ground running. Or indeed whenever the official dates are for training and games, because they’re pretty fluid at this stage.

I’ve spoken before about how although the Blues aren’t aiming for much this season based on their league position, there should be a lot of focus put on setting the stage for how we attack next season.

And if we don’t get this part of the season right in terms of preparation, then we could be in for a nasty surprise when it comes to the 2020/21 campaign.

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