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Opinion: Why Blues appointing recently sacked EFL boss would be a step forward

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He would certainly be a step forward for us, the question is though would he be willing to take the step back and manage us?

That’s the question we need to ask ourselves when it comes to whether or not the Blues should be looking at bringing in former Bristol City boss Lee Johnson, after the 39-year-old was sacked on Saturday from the West Country outfit.

Earlier today I brought you news that there appears to be a bit of a split in the Blues fanbase when it comes to the idea of appointing him, and it makes some level of sense on the surface of it. As I said, Johnson’s managerial career can really be summed up in two sentences.

It’s been relatively successful, in that he has won more games than he has lost and his teams have scored more goals than they have conceded. However, his Bristol City teams have been known to collapse at the end of the season, never quite managing to get that sought after promotion.

And having been in management since 2013, he certainly has the experience part down when it comes to what Blues are reportedly looking for in the new boss, if not the promotion that they are after.

Would Lee Johnson be a good appointment for us to make?





That being said, I think there would be some merit to bringing him in, he has proven in his time in the Championship that he can get a team high up the table without necessarily spending big, something he’d probably need to adhere to at St Andrew’s, and has the pedigree of producing some shock results which could lead to a few cup runs if we play our cards right.

Is he a manager that will more or less guarantee promotion like a Neil Warnock? No, but he’ll definitely be a manager who will have us in contention if he can bring the same magic over from the West Country to the West Midlands.

What about you? Would you be in favour of Blues bringing in Johnson as head coach?

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  • Chris Martin says:

    I don’t think it would be a good idea tbh. He’s had 4 and a half years at Bristol City and spent a hell of a lot more money there than he would have at Blues. I think at best he’s a very good league 1 manager, of course if we were to get relegated he’d be perfect!!!!!.

  • Smithy says:

    this is the manager who always had it in for blues.He wanted us relegated last season and urged EFL to dock us the maximum number of points possible. Nasty piece of work.

  • tracey tyler says:

    No thanks,always had it in for Blues,agree with Smithy nasty piece of work, would rather have Fowler

    • Nick Reynolds says:

      As a Bristol City supporter and admin for Bristol City til I die forum I can vouch for Lee Johnsons pedigree. What he did at Ashton gate was nothing short of a miracle based on the fact the club work to a system of selling and promoting for sale the best players to agents throughout the season. To rebuild the city first team year on year like he did with much less money than what was sold finally burnt him out. However Bristol city during his time bought in 44m worth of players but sold 79m making the club 35m profit in player trading over 5 years largely helped by LJ coaching abilities and eye fir talent. His downfall however is man management of players characters so this is something he needs to improve.

  • gavin bennett says:

    Without necessarily spending big? He’s spent over 60 million n 4 seasons and never made the play offs. The question should be why on Earth would anyone think Johnsen woud be a good appointment?

  • Frank Nightingale says:

    Wouldn’t come to Blues, too much self respect. He would insist on making all decisions.

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