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“Better than some”, “no for me”-Many Blues fans split on idea of appointing recently sacked boss

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Out of work, but depending on who you ask, it might not be that way for long.

Bristol City sacked their head coach Lee Johnson over the weekend following their loss to Cardiff City, and with Blues still searching for their next boss following the decision of Pep Clotet to step down at the end of the season some people have been putting two and two together to try and see if he should take charge at St Andrew’s.

Johnson’s managerial career can really be summed up in two sentences. It’s been relatively successful, in that he has won more games than he has lost and his teams have scored more goals than they have conceded. However, his Bristol City teams have been known to collapse at the end of the season, never quite managing to get that sought after promotion.

So he succeeds on one count of the Blues apparent managerial search with his experience, but doesn’t that promotion on his C.V that they’re asking for.

Would Lee Johnson be a good appointment for us to make?





And when @Blues_Focus posed the question to fans on social media whether or not he would be a good appointment for Birmingham City to make, opinion was pretty split on that view.

What about you? Would you take Johnson at St Andrew’s?

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  • debra rose says:

    Hes a good manager and has bought in some very good players. However Bristol City owner is a billionaire who splashes the cash our owners to tight and have not got the money and I do not think the Lee Johnson would put up with our interfering board and he would not be given the money to go out and buy players who could push us up to the next level plus hes not a Yes man which would not suit our Board of directors. He was at Bristol City for 4 years developing them we had 6 managers in that time. Who is going to come to us with out Owners honestly

  • Blue John says:

    I really don’t think it’s going to matter one little bit who ends up being the new manager, Ren will find a way to mess it up. He managed to insult all in sundry at Bristol City in regards to transfers etc, and Mr Johnson hasn’t had a decent word to say about us as a club, in fact, he’s been extremely nasty and dismissive of Blues.
    He’s not a bad manager, but, I couldn’t see him working for Ren, that’s if he isn’t two faced, like most out of work managers seem to be.
    It’s rumoured the owner’s, whomever they may be, want exciting, attacking promotion winning football, and maybe they do, but I can’t see it happening anytime soon under their ownership, even if they do make the right choice.
    The only time I can see any real progress being made, is when they get out of my club, and hopefully sell to someone who knows about football and gets us as a club (to quote a frequently used saying).

    Until then I’ll “Keep Right On keeping The Faith That Some Day We Will Be A Successful Football Club.”

  • tracey tyler says:

    Think Bristol City are like Preston,a well run club but are scared to to that extra mile to get into the Premiership because they know and their owners know it would cost them a fortune to stay there,that is why I think they are happy to be where they are,just below the top 6 every season. Lee Johnson a OK Manager but would not fit in at Blues but who would,Robbie Fowler would because he plays 3-5-2 and that is what Ren wants so it would not surprise me to see him appointed.

  • Brian vaughan says:

    Keith curle is not up and coming, hes been around years and with out any success some one said johnson is a cast off from someone so is Houghton from brighton .most managers are or they wouldnt be out of work. i would like johnson but anyone whos got a mind wont
    last. They wont last the drying
    Of the ink on his contract. Forget robins for same reason bcfc is in rebellion in the office in the training ground in the ladies team and that pratt ren dong is the trouble but wont admit it .i would give ren the job hes got the kit hes at the trainning then he can sack himself after a year.hes good at that

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