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Opinion: The one position that faces perhaps the biggest overhaul for Blues this summer

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A complete overhaul.

That’s what the club needs in every position this summer, but you could make the argument that the biggest overhaul of all will take place between the sticks.

Because as things stand, and the way things are going, it doesn’t look all that promising.

I spoke last week about the goalkeeping position somewhat, given the news that Connal Trueman was being linked with a loan move away to AFC Wimbledon, and how we need to make sure we get the timing of the whole thing right this summer so that we didn’t end up with less quality than we perhaps could have when all is said and done.

If he does complete his move, and Lee Camp his, we’re going to be left with nobody to choose from in goal.

Anyone who remembers last summer, will remember me saying about my preferred ‘hierarchy’ of goalkeepers; an established number one, a young up and comer, and a veteran who can tutor both of them (with the latter two rotating as backup duty). Well at the moment, all that we could find ourselves relying on is a bunch of up and comers that we get from the academy, and that doesn’t fill me with much hope.

How much will Blues spend in this window?

More than £15m

More than £15m

£15m or less

£15m or less

So by reckoning, we need to be bringing in two goalkeepers this summer if we are to have the full set in 2020/21. With the club looking at bringing in their number one with the likes of Seny Dieng being mentioned, there needs to be a focus on trying to find that veteran goalkeeper to add to the ranks.

And let’s be honest, there’s plenty out there to choose from right now, so there’s no excuses for us not to go out and grab one.

What about you? What are your thoughts on the goalkeeper spot at the club?

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