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Opinion: Playing the waiting game could spell trouble for Blues in the hunt for a new boss

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Don’t expect this to be over too soon.

That seemed to be the message that Blues journalist Brian Dick wanted to portray when it came to the situation surrounding the soon to be vacant position at St Andrew’s.

In his latest tweet updating fans on the situation, Dick said that “I think this could run for weeks rather than days. Important decision and hopefully one for more than just one season.”

And therein lies a little bit of a problem in my mind.

It’s similar to my complaints surrounding Josh McEachran before we signed him.

Whilst I can understand the club wanting to take their time on the matter, I do get the sense that in this case it might serve us better to act a little more quickly.

That’s why I find it a little bit annoying that Pep Clotet decided to announce that he was leaving at the end of the season. He would have done us a little bit of a favour if he’d have left straight away, because we could have at least then had the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer type caretaker to permanent manager style appointment if things worked well. And if they didn’t we could start again, but at least we’d have been able to do something rather than nothing.

Should the club have the next manager in place before this season ends?





Much in the same way if we could appoint someone to take charge now, they could have a few weeks working with the squad and deciding what needs to be changed/kept the same, a bit of a trial run as it were.

Obviously we can’t dictate things completely like that, for instance, Lee Bowyer is a name being mentioned, but he’s currently occupied right now, so we might not be allowed to ‘approach him’, but what about those that are free agents?

Those names might be snapped up by other clubs if we don’t act quickly, and we could pay the price for being too cautious.

What about you? Do you think the club should take its time over the new appointment?

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