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Opinion: Latest moves from the club can act as the start of a new era at St Andrew’s

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Well, Pep Clotet did tell the fans that the future was bright for the club.

Now let’s just hope that this is the first stage in trying to make those words a little bit more of a reality. There was great news coming out of the club yesterday, as the club announced details of new contracts that were being offered for some of our ‘rising stars’ in the academy at Wast Hills.

Nico Gordon and Kyle Hurst have both received three-year deals at the club, Josh Andrews and Adan George have both received two-year deals, whilst Tate Campbell has received a one-year deal. All contracts do have the option of being extended by the club in the near future.

Will any of these players be regular first-team players in 2020/21?





What this says to me, when you combine Clotet’s words with the action that the club took yesterday, is that this could be the start of something at the club. It’s well known that the club is a bit trigger happy when it comes to firing managers, but when it comes to Clotet, I genuinely feel that there is something different about how his career could end up going.

Given the way he has shown faith in young players like Jude Bellingham, or giving Odin Bailey a run out in the first-team, combined with his comments, and I get the sense that he wants to be here for the long-haul and bringing in players like this is a great way of ensuring he’s got a foundation of players to build on and use in the future.

And with that ideally comes a little bit more stability in the dugout.

Hopefully the board have now learnt their lessons when it comes to getting rid of managers so quickly and this is the start of a new ‘era’ at Birmingham City, one where we use the talent in our academy to help us break through to the next level.

Alright, I’m not expecting ‘Class of 92’ levels of success, but you get where I’m going with this.

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  • Peter Frazier says:

    If these reports are true and they intend to replace Pep Clotet, at the end of the season, what is the matter with the owners. First they get rid of Gary Rowett, then Gary Monk, now Pep, who remember bought Scott Hogan, and introduced Jude Bellingham to the first team. All good managers, cost money to replace, do they not have any brains between them. Lets have some stability.

  • BEV KING says:

    Well said indeed. I trust that this message will be read and inwardly digested by the Powers that be then sensibly acted upon!!!!

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