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Opinion: It should be a case of all or nothing when it comes to Jude Bellingham’s future

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What to do, what to do?

The situation around Jude Bellingham certainly has taken a few twists and turns in recent days, with a recent report from The Athletic stating that although Manchester United have lodged a £25m bid for the 16-year-old, that “Bellingham would be reluctant to drop into an under-23 set-up having secured his place in senior football, albeit in the Championship.”

The Times is also reporting that if a deal were to be reached, that Birmingham City are insisting that he be loaned back to them for the next 18 months, keeping him at the club until the summer of 2021.

It’s all a little bit complicated, and nobody is quite sure exactly what the next twist in the transfer saga will bring. I’ve written before about Bellingham and his future, in there I mentioned that I hoped he would go on and have a great career with us, even if I thought the hype he was getting in the early stages was a little too much.

However, with all this news coming through, combined with the state of the club’s finances, I honestly feel that the club are going to be backed into a corner, and there will only be one way to get out of it, by selling him.

Whilst obviously Bellingham will have a say in this, as stated earlier it sounds as if he isn’t entirely convinced a move like this would be in his best interest, when push comes to shove, I think the deal will go through. If the club does agree to sell him though, I just hope that they don’t agree to the 18-month loan back deal. Once the deal is done that should be it, make it a clean break as it were.

It would be incredibly awkward to essentially have a year and a half long goodbye tour for him before he leaves in 2021. Obviously I don’t want it to happen, but given the state the club is in right now, I don’t think we’ll be left with much choice when all is said and done.

Will Bellingham be a Blue at the start of next season?





What do you think? Do you think his days in a Blues shirt are nearly over?

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