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“It’s very slow process”: Clotet calls for patience after finally stopping the rot – Report

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At least someone is keeping the positivity going at St Andrew’s right now.

Because it certainly isn’t coming from the fans based on these comments.

Having finally stopped the rot with victory over Luton Town in their last outing, the Blues will be hoping to keep the momentum going in the coming weeks, starting with the game against Cardiff City today. And according to boss Pep Clotet, the seeds have been planted for a really successful team, but that it might take a while before they bloom into something truly special.

Speaking in his press conference ahead of the game, the Spaniard pointed out that he is really trying to work on building something at the club but that it hasn’t been easy given the problems that he has been dealt, particularly surrounding the players available to him:

“There is no-one more proud of the identity we are building than the players, myself and the whole club. No-one. It’s our job to be flexible to adapt our style to what we face in the competition. Sometimes you need to tweak a few things. With the squad almost back, all this work we have put in has put us in a situation where we can be flexible and tweak things, get as many points so that we are safe as soon as possible – then we can build. Slowly we are building, it’s a very slow process.”

This just goes back to what I’ve been saying all season in regards to expectations and when the pressure should really start to be put in Clotet’s shoulders in regards to taking the club forward.

It’s like the saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, and neither is a football team, especially when you have to deal with the off the pitch problems that have plagued the club in the past couple of months.

The Blues find themselves eight points clear of the relegation zone at the moment, which is enough of a cushion that we shouldn’t start worrying about that stuff yet, and with an inconsistent Cardiff side to come, that gap could increase further.

Have injuries been the things that have been holding us back this season?





Let’s just stop the panicking until things look really bad.

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