Date: 11th February 2019 at 12:10pm
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Written by: Mitchell Bray

At little over fifteen minutes from the final whistle at Loftus Road, Radio WM presenter Paul Franks delivered a stomach churning piece of news, which certainly took the gloss off a pulsating victory.

News that the latest information WM had was that the EFL is expected to release their recommendation within the next few weeks on Blues punishment for breaching FFP rules etc. He went on to say Blues were to expect a points deduction. However, he did not know whether BCFC would make an appeal.

Since that news, there has been plenty of speculation in articles featured on Newsnow as to what size of deduction is expected.

Twelve appears to be the favoured figure.

Whilst much of this is rumoured and many a tabloid has joined in, I feel from my own delving that this figure is accurate. Will it be this season or next, or six now and six suspended? Who knows.

My own view is that we should get to the safety points mark of 58 points as soon as possible. Starting with Bolton on Tuesday night our real survival starts, forgetting the fantasy of a play off spot. We basically require what points we have now plus twelve. Doesn’t sound a lot but still needs achieving. Two weeks ago I went live on the WM phone and was very critical of the programme not supporting us more in this horrible time. They said “What do you expect us to do?” I replied, ‘To keep an ear to the ground and investigate more’.

To their credit, I believe they have and are doing this. After all, BCFC provide local newspapers and local radio with much needed news and commercial income. Hopefully during the next three weeks we will be getting the support we need as we will be needing it. First and foremost is the need for those extra twelve points starting with Tuesday. Bolton although struggling do represent a threat and I am sure Garry Monk knows this only too well. As he says this season will see ‘bumps in the road’- hopefully the amassing of the next dozen points will smooth this out.

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9 Replies to “EFL circling and ready to pounce on Birmingham City”

  • Nice to see the mail being the negative and doom and gloom merchants they are. Especially to blues. Maybe they should looking at other clubs closer to home, like in their favourite area in Aston.

  • I hope they treat all clubs the same stop them making changes signings for most of season and then punish at late stages of season ffp and efl are a joke look how Bolton have traded this season should have been stopped earlier their in deep trouble

  • After reading this and Almajir earlier,it looks like Ren is the culprit. Ignoring EFL and flouting the rules arrogantly is what has bitten hard with the league. Again,it is the poor supporter who suffer.

  • What will be will be. 12 points is a disgrace if that’s what they are gonna dock us. Midtable safety was our ambition at the start of the season. Even with a points deduction we should achieve that fairly comfortably. Next ambition finishing higher than the vile even with a 12 point deduction.

  • what do you expect from 2 of Villa mouth pieces the Mail and WM I i stopped listen to WM sports and buying the gutter paper the Evening Mail

  • This whole sorry mess started when Carson Young bought the club from the Gold/ Sullivan team. We all knew that it was a dodgy deal with a very dodgy buyer. Why the heck didn’t the EFL do their due diligence properly and protect our club from this crook.
    The EFL have a lot to answer for and before they dish out any penalties on our club they need to examine there own part in this.

  • John B. You hit the nail here perfectly. Whatever research I do,whatever delving I try to unearth- it keeps coming back to exactly your point.

  • I think what people are forgetting here is that it’s NOT the EFL but an independent commission that will be reviewing our case. We as a club also have a say in the matter as we will be able to put forward any evidence that we have been trying to rectify the deficit. Any decision made will have to be one that is thought through very carefully as there are all sorts of legal implications. Let’s also remember that this month was always going to be the month of the hearing and NOBODY yet knows what the punishment will be and journalists will always try to second guess the outcome with the usual scaremongering.

  • Ren is a fool for putting our club in this position and should be removed asap. clearly, the EFL do not like the way this person has completely had no respect for wanting to work with them to get the clubs house in order, and now we find ourselves in this position. Hopefully, the fans will voice their anger at this fool! On a second point, the EFL need to also be brought to task as to why they sanctioned that other fool Yeung to take over Blues for a ridiculous £81m! Any sensible organisation would have seen this as a seriously overpriced takeover and ask serious questions as to where this money came from, and even more important, why were they prepared to pay this overinflated price(or is there more to the plot perhaps?) In summary I would take the 12 point hit if this is what is to be the penalty,but PLEASE take away the summer ban of buying players…how much more would GM take???

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