Date: 25th January 2019 at 11:59am
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Written by Mitchell Bray

Help needed off the field in fragile February.

With only a few days before the club is advised of the crucial EFL hearing, we need help.

February has always been the month that has been stated by the EFL that our fate, if any, will be decided.

Much has been written, much has been speculated on and much has been predicted – particularly by leading national newspapers. And it all seems based on negativity and suggestions of large points deductions.

So what can be done to help the club and more importantly its supporters in this area of the country? In my opinion plenty. Local radio stations have done precious little in championing the core base of its listeners, who include a fair amount of Blues supporters. The Birmingham Mail, in my opinion, have done little in standing up for Club, whereas if it were Villa, they would be banging on the drum demanding the EFL consider their supporters, the working man etc, etc.

Again it is my opinion, but our club deserves more than our local radio and press are currently doing. They may ask ‘what can be one’? The answer is plenty. Lobby the EFL so as they feel the feeling amongst its supporters, sell the Club a bit more, represent BCFC who play a major part in the community, off the pitch by decent players who visit needy causes with people unable to visit St.Andrews for numerous reasons.

Just do something.

If we get hit badly, the very people I am urging for help will have a field day with all types of sensational headlines and dramatic radio phone-ins.

BCFC since 2011 have gone through the mixer with unparalleled despair with no solid foundation, only living off scraps in the hope of future survival, not asking much and expecting less. This club’s supporters deserve the help I have mentioned and I believe our local press and radio stations can play their part. February is crucial as regards the hearing and I feel it is too delicate to surmise the outcome. At the same time, it is not a time just to sit back and do nothing-especially if you have some clout that maybe could help.

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15 Replies to “With Only A Few Days Before The Club Is Advised On The Crucial EFL Hearing, Blues Need Help”

  • i am afraid it is the same old story. biased against blues for as long as i remember we are the working mens club and it is a disgrace how long the league has kept us waiting like a death sentence on death row. what i cannot understand is other clubs spending millions and only 3 can go up. surely they are stopping us from competing properly to much of this nanny state in my mind and who gets hurt us the supporters. we have suffered enough surely after the relegation and our other cowboy owners. we have found a fantastic manager and staff and the club is on a feel good factor so i suppose these idiots are going to impose a punishment to mess it all up and yes all the papers and stations should be behind us. k r o

  • 100% agree. Fantastic piece has been written here and I hope the radio and press take notice. We deserve better support from all areas. Till my dying day we shall Keep Right On!

  • I’ve supported the blues all my life and since 1975 ,my first game nothing changes. It’s my opinion since Ken Weldon was there and taking light bulbs out to save on the electricity bill, we have been hard done by ,the press, t.v commentators in fact nobody likes us but that’s what makes us the blues. Whatever happens we will stick together as always and if we ,as I believe are being made scapegoats by the efl . Then if that let down the road who spend it like it doesn’t matter are not severly punished then I believe we have a more than good case to sue the efl for millions.

  • They don’t read or care about what anyone says or thinks. Not being influenced by the media is the only way you can make a fair judgement so don’t waste your time unless you get off on campaigning.

    If points are deducted it can’t be until next season now otherwise it would hardly be Fair Play would it?

  • One thing I will guarantee. Part of the punishment, hopefully all of it, will be a fine. Paid to the efl coffers. Makes no sense considering the issue is apparently we are risk of going out of business!?!?

    Truthfully, it’s about generating money. Otherwise the issue would not be punishment but a stringent action plan/oversight that ensure clubs got back on the straight and narrow while still being competitive.

    How is it that there are clubs not paying wages or bills when they have no embargo or threat of point deduction despite actually struggling while we are not but just show signs we may and have had a hands tied… there is and should a legal case raised as it is not being played with a straight bat.

  • I read that the Vile were also under investigation for a breath of rules , yet daily there are reports of them dipping into the transfer market. Has their situation changed because they now have new owners worth 2.5 billion?

  • Excellent comments from both scriptwriter and fans feedback. It has always been the same with local Birmingham Press and Radio, they have a downer on Birmingham City by never talking up the club preferring to being more bias towards Aston Villa. Yet what have they done since 1982? won one league cup and yet Blues are always perceived to be the “down & outs”. The local Press and Radio need to be more supportive of a club that represents the City name as we await the EFL decisions. I’m sure we will hear more from “certain quarters” on the doom and gloom that could surround the pending EFL decisions that are coming Blues way…they wouldn’t want it any other way would they?…bless!

  • Reading the comments so far
    1 They have punished us all ready by making us weak by only allowing us to sign 1 loan player.

    2 I agree if points were to be deducted they should be taken off next season,(like Gazal said FAIR PLAY)
    rule change mid season where they have put the upper limit of points deduction to 20 ?
    like moving the goalpost !!!!!! (rules should be changed in close season)

    3 I read that the EFL is partly composed of league club Chairmen,….don,t know, but when the independent committee rules on the Blues decision . the chairmen will have to watch out in case they get into ffp trouble in the future ?

    4 The Vile……………….. GOOGLED >>>> FFP rules are to prevent clubs running up too big annual deficit and slipping into a black hole.
    The rules are also to prevent ((((financial doping)))) where rich owners can pump in vast sums in fees and wages totally unrelated to real income to gain an edge on their rivals.

  • As always we are the target despite so many clubs being on the brink. The EFL wanna make an example of us and so i fear the worst. It doesnt matter that its the fans who will suffer as well as the club even tho do more in the community than most clubs put together.
    The fans and club are a tough bunch and whatever happens we will come through it and be stronger.
    Before i sign off could somebody please explain the rules FFP because i just dont get it andvwhen so many clubs are in breach but we seem to be the only ones penalised.

  • As an update.Today at 6pm I was invited onto the WM phone in with Paul Franks. Hopefully some of our supporters listened. If anything I do believe that a concerted effort will be made now by the radio station and Birmingham Mail to champion BCFC in the coming days leading up to the hearing.

  • One of the comments made by WM phone in tonight by one of its presenters was that Birmingham ‘appear to be a thorn in the EFL side’.This mainly due to the annoyance of signing Peterson when under the embargo.

  • Rather have points taken off this year as even with -20 we would still have a very good chance to avoid relegation.

    Would not want to start a new season with -20?

  • Dan Ivery on twitter.

    BCFC have today confirmed to companies house Roger Lloyd’s resignation as company secretary.

    They’ve also allotted 11million shares in BCFC to the UK parent Birmingham City PLC to pay off a debt. FFP stuff afoot?

    Shares are valued at £0.50 each. So worth £5.5 million.

    In response to his own tweet

    Looks like it is for FFP purposes. So we are getting very close to complying with FFP for this year.

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