Date: 25th January 2019 at 11:59am
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Written by Mitchell Bray

Help needed off the field in fragile February.

With only a few days before the club is advised of the crucial EFL hearing, we need help.

February has always been the month that has been stated by the EFL that our fate, if any, will be decided.

Much has been written, much has been speculated on and much has been predicted – particularly by leading national newspapers. And it all seems based on negativity and suggestions of large points deductions.

So what can be done to help the club and more importantly its supporters in this area of the country? In my opinion plenty. Local radio stations have done precious little in championing the core base of its listeners, who include a fair amount of Blues supporters. The Birmingham Mail, in my opinion, have done little in standing up for Club, whereas if it were Villa, they would be banging on the drum demanding the EFL consider their supporters, the working man etc, etc.

Again it is my opinion, but our club deserves more than our local radio and press are currently doing. They may ask ‘what can be one’? The answer is plenty. Lobby the EFL so as they feel the feeling amongst its supporters, sell the Club a bit more, represent BCFC who play a major part in the community, off the pitch by decent players who visit needy causes with people unable to visit St.Andrews for numerous reasons.

Just do something.

If we get hit badly, the very people I am urging for help will have a field day with all types of sensational headlines and dramatic radio phone-ins.

BCFC since 2011 have gone through the mixer with unparalleled despair with no solid foundation, only living off scraps in the hope of future survival, not asking much and expecting less. This club’s supporters deserve the help I have mentioned and I believe our local press and radio stations can play their part. February is crucial as regards the hearing and I feel it is too delicate to surmise the outcome. At the same time, it is not a time just to sit back and do nothing-especially if you have some clout that maybe could help.

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