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Blues Quietly Tiptoeing Into The Final Countdown

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Birmingham City’s final Championship game against Derby County is just two days away and it is not an easy wait.

Supporters since football’s restart have been waiting for our team to actually wake up and start playing. They simply haven’t and this surely has to be the crucial time to perform and register a win.

We all know various reasons why we are in this unnecessary plight, with senior players allowed to leave early and leadership off and on the pitch non-existent. Whatever else is going on behind the scenes is anyone’s guess.

However, it is futile to dwell on what’s gone on as we are well used to final day trepidations.

What needs to be done is plainly obvious and not get beaten by a Derby side with little to play for and hopefully little appetite for a scrap. Wishful thinking maybe on my part. We desperately need to get some finishing skill in the side with the chances created. We haven’t a great deal of choice as regards strikers with Hogan seemingly out of sorts at a time when he is needed most, also Bela is not tucking anything away – leaving us with a one final match dilemma as to how to play this crucial game.

My thoughts are safety first with the recall for Keiftenbeld alongside Gardner. Sunjic is questionable as although at times has more footballing skills is not totally reliable. Basing all of this for one crucial game. Back four has to name itself as little choice available, with only Harding as a possible replacement – not reassuring.

Bellingham has to play in what will be his last in a blue shirt and this could be a key role for him. My faith in Spooner and Gardner (Craig) is not strong by a long way, but I would like Bellingham to play this game just behind Juke in an attacking role – leaving Keiftenbeld and Gardner to hold the centre midfield higher up the pitch.

We all have opinions as this final match is ‘the one’ not to lose, so many supporters will certainly veer to defensive formations, which is understandable. This sounds sensible and logical but with us conceding regularly and in twos and threes, this is questionable.

Whatever happens on Wednesday night against Derby, it is and must be, a thoroughly collective effort not to lose at all costs. Spooner and Gardner we have to rely on in selecting the best side to achieve what we need and it is up to the senior players to take the responsibility on the pitch.

Myself I would hand the captains armband to Juke and I would love him to say in the pre-match huddle ‘let’s do this for Bellingham’. Nuff Said.

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  • R Smith says:

    Every time we play a team on a bad run we end it for them. Derby have lost 4 on the trot so I’m not feeling very positive. Simple fact is, if we go down we deserve it, the owners deserve it for being the most dysfunctional in the division and the players, one or two withstanding, for having no guts, fight or pride.
    The real worry is that if we stay up, with no manager, probably no money, and a team that needs radical overhaul I can see this happening again next year.

  • Smithy says:

    Play 1-9-1 for heavens sake! Could just get that point.Desperate times desperate measures.

  • tracey tyler says:

    We would still lose playing 1-9-1, the best and most competent match we played in similar circumstances was against Fuham two seasons ago,which was a magical performance,no nerves at all, but now we seem devoid of confidence.

  • tracey tyler says:

    Playing for a draw would be completely wrong,it would create negativity in the players so go out there please and put in a performance all we fans can be proud of.

    • Wallyb says:

      Unfortunately the negativity is already there – ask Trevor Francis to give a talk in the dressing room before the match and at half time on what it means to be a Blues player. Make Jude captain for his last game – then get the players to do it for Jude!

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