Date: 20th April 2018 at 4:57pm
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Article by Rob Wildey – Editor

I’m rewinding eight months to August. On the eve of the new season and with Harry Redknapp’s “I’ll build a side pushing for promotion” comments still firmly echoing in my ears, I recall a conversation I had with a colleague.

“Do you think promotion is realistic then?”, I was asked. My reply was stern but fair: “No, but it will be nice to go into the last game stuck in mid-table with nothing to play for”.

Of course, I wasn’t to know just how the season would pan out. I wasn’t to know we would, for a second successive season, go through managers like Katie Price goes through husbands.

Our ‘Arry was seducing us. It may have been in a non-sexual way. But with his cockney, car salesman-like charm, he was undressing us.

Unfortunately, we’re now doing the football equivalent of the walk of shame. We have been seduced and led down the garden path.

Redknapp was a likeable guy but one who treated football clubs as if he was playing a computer game.He can’t be blamed for that.

Steve Cotterill was the honest, hardworking successor who tried his utmost but was afraid to admit he was sinking in the deep end of a pool he should never have stepped foot in. He can’t be blamed for that.

And now we have a young, enthusiastic boss. Sadly, he could be the one who ends up with a relegation on his CV, which would be hugely undeserved.

This club has been treading water for far too long. The owners have caused car crash after crash with their shoddy decision making.

While they may have finally stumbled upon the right man in Monk, the fact it was left so late means Blues are going into Saturday’s penultimate home match against Sheffield United with their fingers crossed once again.

If Blues do drop into the third tier, the blame won’t lay with Mr. Redknapp, Mr. Cotterill or Mr. Monk, the eggs will be thrown directly at the Boardroom door.

Lessons must be learned.

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