Date: 25th September 2019 at 7:00am
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I knew I was going to have to write this eventually.

I just didn’t think I’d have to be doing so this early in his career. Not even two months have passed since Jude Bellingham made his first appearance for the Blues, breaking the club record for the youngest player in the process. Now it looks like we could already be in the process of looking to his departure

According to 90min, Liverpool are apparently at the front of the line when it comes to Premier League clubs showing interest in the young man. The report states that Arsenal and Manchester City are also interested in him, as well as foreign superpowers Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund.

Whilst it might be a little too early to start talking about the January transfer window, I feel like this development sort of calls for an emergency discussion if you will.

Pep Clotet has spoken before about how important he sees the academy at St Andrew’s:

“Seeing some of our youngsters out on international duty shows this Club is doing a very good job in the academy, you need to work for 4-5 years to start seeing results, the academy has been fantastic, they deserve all the credit.”

Which is why, even though I’ve said that the hype around Bellingham needs to slow down a touch, I think this is the perfect opportunity for the club to put its money where its mouth is, literally. The club has two choices, but they both start at the same place. You can either give him a contract and sell him on at the first opportunity to the highest bidder. Or you can sign him up and keep him here for years to come.

Either way, we need to get him signed to a long-term deal as soon as we can.

What about you? What do you think the club should do in this situation? Should they sign him to keep him? Or sign him to sell him?

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8 Replies to “Bellingham’s time in B9 could be short lived. So what should we do? – Report”

  • We need to sogn him up on a long term contract and keep him not sell for peanuts like previous. Problem is can’t sign proffessional till 17 next summer but are there rules in place where get precontract signed?

  • He has done ok but is far from a finished article at 16. He has something special but needs at least 3-4 years in this league to even think about a premier league team. If he is advised well then he wont make a silly mistake so early. He is also a blue nose so my guess is the big boys will stay at arms length until hes ready

  • Not rocket science what will happen. JB will go for around £8m. should he have a decent showing between now and his seventeenth birthday. Then loaned back to us for a full season. Should he be breathtaking this season for us then we are talking double figures. Problem is that Jude is our only real asset-similar to that of Grealish two seasons ago.

  • I must admit the only way to keep him is to sign him on a long-term deal. A four-year deal five-year deal and let him progress through the team getting trained up nicely. I would also consider training him as a centre-forward and a striker because he definitely has the capability to play in that position.

  • Leave the kid alone and stop speculating on his future. He has only just begun his journey and has done nothing yet, so the last thing he wants to read or hear are your crystal ball readings. Every half decent kid is being linked with clubs of which they have probably not even heard of them yet. Its lazy predictable journalists stating the obvious Matt

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