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“Almost certainly”: Blues transfer saga looks to be coming to an end very soon – Report

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Not signed, but by the sounds of it, it’s pretty much sealed and delivered.

That seems to be the interpretation when it comes to the future of Jude Bellingham and where he goes in the summer.

According to reports from German outlet Bild, the sense is that Bellingham to Borussia Dortmund is more or less done, with the report going as far as saying that “Only their [Bellingham and Thomas Munier] signatures are missing. Nevertheless, they belong in the category: almost certainly.”

Now whilst this isn’t totally done, meaning that another club could swoop in and get him, much like Brian Clough and Peter Taylor did for Dave Mackay in that scene in The Damned United (alright the whole thing might have been heavily dramatised, but you get the picture), it does seem that the Bellingham stuff could, and really should be put to bed.

And I for one would be sort of glad if that were the case, because it would give the whole thing a sense of closure. Whilst it would give us one less story to talk about between now and next season, at least we won’t have anything hanging over our and Bellingham’s heads.

Should the club turn the Bellingham transfer saga into a bidding war, even at this late stage?





When the season does resume, which hopefully it does, then we can just sit back and treat the whole thing as a farewell tour if you will. We won’t have to worry about whether or not his performances may or may not increase or decrease his transfer value as we’ll know that we’ll have that money tied up in the bank ready to spend in the summer window.

And whilst it might be sad to see one of the few decent prospects we’ve had in recent years have to depart the club, at least we’ll know that not only did he give us some great memories. And with a fee of €35m (£30.5m on, at least we’ll know that we haven’t been fleeced either.

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