Date: 5th April 2017 at 9:52am
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Two wins in 21, fifth bottom in the form table for all four divisions. But somehow, six points above the relegation zone with six games remaining. It seems as if Blues are going to survive by the skin of their teeth. Their survival will not be an achievement; it will be a result of teams below struggling to overcome their own demons.

Taking anything away from Brighton was always going to be like climbing a mountain. That mountain was made even bigger after going behind before the clock struck two minutes. For all of Blues` huff and puff, for all of the occasions we claim to be ‘the better side`, we get a stark reminder that football is a results game.

Gianfranco Zola was singing the praises of the defence who had conceded just two goals in the previous three games before last night. His answer to this praise was the chop and change the back three – and the old habits soon resurfaced.

Zola`s record after 21 games in the dugout is the worst of any other manager in Blues` 142 history. Yet the amount of money he has spent is significantly more than any Blues manager in the last half decade. Keeping him in the dugout beyond May does not make business sense and makes even less footballing sense.

Blues fans – who will remain loyal long after Zola has departed – will have to thank their lucky stars that the teams below are struggling to put a run together. Relegation is still a possibility, but you`d think that too many teams will have to put a run together in order for Blues to drop into League One.

I`ll repeat what I said earlier; survival is not an achievement. A season that was looking so promising prior to Christmas, and prior to Zola`s appointment, has gone well and truly down the toilet. If and when safety is confirmed, Zola should do the honourable thing which is to walk away. If he shows even the faintest suggestion of a celebration, I will not apologise for the choice words I`ll vehemently direct his way at St. Andrews.

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7 Replies to “When safe, Zola should do the honourable thing”

  • Check the stats on all our defensive players Rob midfield as well ..Only Gardner and Nsue and possibly resche has positional sense …It’s not all down to Zola ..He didn’t buy most of the players ..

  • I honestly can’t see us winning a single game between now and the end of the season and that includes Burton and Rotherham. On yesterday’s WM phone in fans said it was less of a gamble putting Paul Robinson in charge for the remaining 6 games than going ahead with zola till the end of the season. A few of the teams below us play each other so someone is guaranteed points. Really fear for us as I cannot see everyone below us to keep losing indefinitely.

  • Zola out. Bring in Francis. And robo as assistant. Now that will work. Zola should never of had the job to start with. In gary rowett we love cant wait to see him at St. Andrews Saturday. Up the blues. Derby will win.

  • Ian, I want Zola to leave because we need a real manager. Francis hasn’t managed a club for years.

  • David Village come on it is his fault he came here to a club that was holding its own in 7th place and he sent it backwards. The players was playing better football before he rode in to town he as no clue what he is doing he was a quality player but he is a rubbish manager end of. So please stop defending him because it makes you look silly and here is why > GR Darby 2 wins in 3 no loses Zola 2 wins in 21 4 draws 15 loses. how many did GR lose as our manager again it was 4 what dose that tell you. We had an ravage 9 points in 5 games we now have an average of 0.4 points in 5. That is the 4th worst in the country across all leagues. Now even clack managed 4 pitons in 5 games. # Zola OUT

  • Waycoolblue – I wouldn’t say they were playing better football, but they were certainly more organised, structured and difficult to beat. I’m a blues fan, if want to see my team winning not playing well.

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