Date: 9th July 2018 at 5:30pm
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Birmingham blogger Dan Ivery and the Mirror’s James Nursey have both confirmed that the club has been placed under a transfer embargo by the EFL.

Ivery revealed on his blog early this afternoon that “multiple sources” had told him the club have been banned from making transfers, and Nursey then tweeted not long afterwards that his own sources confirmed the story:

Fans on Twitter were quick to react to the news:


If Ivery’s reports is correct, it seems the club had been given a “soft” embargo by the EFL initially, and that the club had been given a chance to redress their finances. However, it seems that as no action was taken, the Football League have now decided to take decisive action.

In his follow up tweet Nursey suggests that the club now will hope that the embargo is lifted quickly “which can happen” if they comply with Financial Fair Play rules. This is a fast-moving story so things may change very quickly in the next few hours. Everyone is waiting for a response from either the club or the EFL for confirmation.

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17 Replies to “‘What a complete joke’ – Birmingham Fans React To News Of Reported Transfer Embargo”

  • Just when I was having a great time laughing at the state the Vile have got themselves into our owners manage to shoot the club in its foot again.

  • Daniel hong kong fuey ivery! Disaster! Points deduction? Club relegated to league 1? No mate you should keep your powder dry! Could be a real tragedy we could have to sell our best players and try to raise £75m before the season starts! S**t Stay down and they’re going f**king bust! KRO!

  • Daniel is a complete idiot did he not think for one second that the club was keeping this quiet so that they could sell players that they have up for transfer and get the best possible fee. NOW this is made that impossible because he opened his big fat mouth. We will now be seen as desperate to sell players and you need to lift the Embargo so we will not get the best price for them. All just to be first to report something. This is not a supporter action this is a big headed twatts action. If that’s the credit he wants then give it to him. He has really ended our club that’s not the actions of a supporter. All Without any actual proof. I know I’m in no doubt that this some sort of him burger every club is suffering from it but nobody knows exactly which clubs they are but we’ve been outed by Mr Daniel Lvery.

    • Buddy, lay off the sauce. This story would have been broken by James Nursey of the Express regardless. Failing that it would definitely have been outed in 3 days time at Blues first pre-season game, when Pedersen surprisingly doesn’t feature due to not being registered. It’s not even like Blues have received any bids for players – and if they have, they’ll have knocked them back for being too low anyway.
      Dan Ivery deserves credit for what he does, I don’t disagree the bad press won’t help, but it’s about holding TTA/BSH to account when they screw up.. which evidently, they have. Or would you prefer to live in a lovely bubble like our neighbours until disaster strikes?
      KRO and SOTV

      • So the fact that the EFL and Birmingham and at least 29 other clubs all agreed to this being kept quiet so not to have a knock on effect on the transfer window Daniel should get off scot-free really the guys and knob.

        • And no I was waiting for an idiot to report on it first before they open their mouth. Hopefully the EFL sue him for breach of confidentiality.

          • Then everyone else knows Blues predicament anyway. If embargo talk is true, then more fool the bored for getting us there – as fans, we have a right to know what’s happening with our respective clubs and if teams are embargoed, the fans should know.
            The EFL won’t sue him for reporting on his sources, he hasn’t signed up to any confidentiality agreement with the club or league – and if so, then James Nursey, the Express, the Mirror, The BM and all these other independent websites should be preparing their wallets too.
            Yes it’s bad press, it’s clearly unhelpful, however your clear dislike for Dan Ivery is directing your opinion. These owners need to be held to account, it is writers like Dan Ivery (and Nursey!) who do just that.

  • I don’t really understand all this FFP carp your think what thicko I am .Well as far as I can this is all down to Harry last season when he brought a load of sh#he well thanks for that old rubber face . I did expect some sort of backlash as he did what he was at Portsmouth fc.

  • Nasty business this.If this news is true our main concern is that our manager,who has been the best thing to happen to us since the Carling Cup,simply walks.

  • Well surely on tax returns of each club the football league would have informed each club an estimate of around what they can spend in the oncoming transfer window ….i would have thought that this fair play league ruling knowing that clubs with Chinese owners could be restrained unfairly by a spending ban by the Chinese government would have waived somewhat the rules in some years so that the club is given a fair chance in years where a ban by the Chinese government is implemented ….or ban all Chinese owners of clubs so to be fair to all clubs …in the elf..

  • As each hour passes and we hear zero from the club,then we become even more twitchy.All it takes is a denial.Daniel Ivery May be spot on or he may not be,and if we have to wait for news on Pedersen out in Austria-as to whether he is eligible to play or not will be sad all round. Our club has always tended to drag us down at the very worst of times and if it is true regarding the embargo and the club are at fault with the failure to provide financial details etc,then expect a backlash.We have purchased tickets and invested time for the forthcoming season,not to mention merchandise . Let us hope the next 24 hours will see this problem sorted with the outcome we all hope for.

  • Looks like Grounds will be playing LB and Stockdale in goals. Does non registered mean he cannot play in a friendly? I thought it was just in an official competition. Hopefully can get this sorted quickly.

  • You brought half the Brentford team last summer and look what you done to Colin and Jota, quality players some numty said this team is 10 times better than a top ten team he was with ???? enough about donkey and then is was reported that you were knocked back on signing Alan Judge another Brentford player who’s career you tried to ruin on the grounds of FFP and now you are shocked.
    Concern yourself with your business not what others are doing, you’ll get what you deserve.

  • 12 over championship clubs also reported to be under Embargo. Including Aston Village Derby County Nottingham Forest Cardiff who went up all of which are in a worse situation than us so why is this big news why is he only reported on Birmingham why is it always burning and gets picked on 12 of a championship clubs it’s not just Birmingham and add debit is a lot less than these. Village over 55 million wage bill and 64 million in outstanding transfer fees 11 million per month in debt. So they will not escape in bargain they will most likely get a points deduction. But everyone’s debating Birmingham situation we sell a player i e Stockdale receive money from Butlins sale problem solved. KRO

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