Date: 9th July 2018 at 6:00pm
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If the story that the EFL have imposed a transfer embargo is true (at time of writing neither the club nor the EFL had confirmed the reports), it means Garry Monk may have to make some tough decisions on players who were seemingly destined to leave.

Currently, David Stockdale, Tomasz Kuszczak and Jonathan Grounds are believed to be on the transfer list, and with no players likely to be coming in, the manager may have to consider re-integrating them back into the first-team if the ban on transfers isn’t lifted.

In recent days, our no.13 has been pretty clear that he isn’t seeking to leave the club, but Monk doesn’t currently see him in his plans. He was quoted by the Birmingham Mail as saying:

“Why does there need to be a reason? The reason is the manager has decided I’m not in his plans. No problem. Sometimes it happens and that’s football. Not always because I’ve done something wrong.”

With the player’s move to Leeds seemingly off and the fact, there are no other teams seeking to sign the keeper on a permanent basis, it’s not as though we’d be losing out financially by keeping him.

It seems there’s no bad blood between the player and manager too, so it could be the case of making the best of a bad situation. Considering the issues around the reported embargo, Stockdale’s reintegration may have to be considered. What do you think? Let me know in the poll.

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8 Replies to “Poll: Should Monk Re-Consider Selling Stockdale In Light Of The Embargo News?”

  • This is a no brainier, of course we should keep Stockdale, we need at least one experienced goalkeeper. WE CANNOT BRING ANYONE iN!

    • Well selling Stockdale would most differently solve the problem. His wages off the books and the fee as a cash boost.

  • Try another poll. Do you think Stockdale would give 100% if we had to keep him?
    IMO once someone is told they are not wanted in any walk of life or job its all over from that point on so her has to go.

  • Both Stockdale and Grounds will be back in the team. This may open up opportunities for the youngsters to break through into the first team. Spending money is not always the best option.

  • With only the English premiership and the bundersleague being better supported than the English Championship in Europe. , and when you think just how much money is spent on players in lesser supported leagues like in Italy and in spain the mind boggles when you think of how championship clubs are struggling with the fair play rules . You wonder whether the limits are too low on spending and that the English Championship is being starved of a better class of player , and that the fair play rules are obviously out of date…

    • I agree and the fact that they are 12 other championship clubs also suffering in Embargo It annoys me the way this is all been reported as if Birmingham are the only Club under this constraint. It’s a league wide problem not a Birmingham problem. And it’s totally unfair to single Birmingham out in this. The Village People ie Aston Villa have a 55 million wage bill a 64 million pound debit for outstanding transfer fees + 11 million in over expenditure they are also under Embargo but no one’s talking about that are they. Now they’re talking about Birmingham who have 14.5 million debit this is not the 75 million debt in a single season Villa have. It’s not even close. But it’s been kept quiet about villas Embargo. But then again they don’t have a Daniel to shout it from the rooftops.

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