Date: 13th April 2017 at 5:33pm
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Earlier this week, we ran a story confirming that Birmingham City will stick with Gianfranco Zola into next season. Today, it’s accuracy has been confirmed by a second source close to the club.

It’s also been confirmed that Zola will not get the sack even if Blues lose at relegated Rotherham United tomorrow.

Our source said- ‘Unless Blues go down, Zola stays. He has players already lined up to bring in next season and detailed planning has been done’.

They continued- ‘Monday’s statement wasn’t a vote of confidence as we know it – it was genuine support for the manager. If Blues lose at Rotherham, the pressure will increase on Zola but he won’t be sacked so long as Birmingham remain a Championship club going into next season’.

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6 Replies to “‘Unless Blues go down, Zola stays’”

  • Well I will not be renewing my season ticket. I am fed up with watching my team lose because of bad tactics with no fighting sprit & lame Management and gutless effortless whacker ball hit and hope football. Worcester City play better football than we do so I will go and watch them next season I mite even see some wins.

  • Come on – waycoolblue you are a valued voice to the fans …With your realistic sobering comments ….We have come a long way sinse CY was arrested and around £55 million pounds worth of players sold..See it through to the end of the you know what mate …

  • David I will be voting with my feet like a lot of supporters will. I have been a season ticket holder for the last 34 years so I have seen harder times but I have always been able to see a light at the end of that road but now that light as go out I no longer see it. TTA are not any better than CY we are still under the shadow of BIHL. TTA are making falls promises and telling us lies this is what always happens with Birmingham city we will never get good honest owners. When things are going well someone will always up. like TTA have done this season like CY did and like the golds and the comer’s did. I have had it it’s all to match. I will always love the blues but the TTA Zola band will not be getting my support or money anymore. #ZOLA OUT

  • Waycoolblue – what lies have TTA told us? They said there was money to spend, they spent it in Jan. And will do again in the summer. I will never walk away from Blues (as long as I can afford it) because i know i would jump on the bandwagon if we do well.

  • Why sack Zola if we go down? TTA should persevere with him for a few more seasons. I think Zola is the right man to get us out of the national league playing great attacking football.

  • ‘we want Zola out’..’we want Zola out’…’we want Zola out’..’we want Zola out’.

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