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“Typical blues”, “disgusting”- These Blues fans left furious during their draw with Sheff Wed

Image for “Typical blues”, “disgusting”- These Blues fans left furious during their draw with Sheff Wed

The good news is that we’re now at 11 games undefeated.

The bad news, is that our defence still needs a lot of work. Having gone through a long stretch of games where the defenders and goalkeeper were doing some solid work keeping the goals out in batches, that all came to an end today as the Blues shipped three. Although one of them was a penalty, so they do get a little bit of leeway on that front.

However with 52 goals conceded across the season, it’s certainly not the worst record in the division, but could do with a lot of improvement.

Scott Hogan’s late goal was enough to rescue a point for Pep Clotet’s men today, however, it was the state of the back line that was getting the majority of the attention throughout the game for the Blues today, as they came under constant criticism.

I said yesterday that we shouldn’t have been too hasty to get rid of some of our defenders, because with the amount of goals we’re conceding, we may just need to exhaust all the options we can get at this stage.

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  • Jonno says:

    Can’t just blame the defence the midfield must take Alot of responsibility. Why wasn’t Bannan closed down. They allowed him the run of the pitch all afternoon

  • Alwaysablue says:

    Avoidable penalty/Bella no attempt to track Bannan – Fact

    We are not the finished article and do you blame both centre half’s?

    Stop highlighting negative comments once again

    Your posts make out you should be running the club
    Why don’t you change your name to ‘Vital hindsight’
    because we can all be smart after the event


  • Roy Smith says:

    Stop whining.

  • Chris says:

    Give it a rest the playing conditions have been horrendous the last few weeks, yes we could have done better at times but that’s football or should I say that’s the championship, let’s celebrate the fact we are now 11 unbeaten and move on to Wednesday which will be another tough one against Millwall.

  • Brian vaughan says:

    Been saying for ages colin leaves to much space and too may gaps out wide and that harding the most solid defender of the 2 when played at right back bellingham and bela had their worse games maybe it had something to do with the pitch Robert’s was great again

  • WaycoolBlue says:

    More negative crap.

    Positives 11 unbeaten creating chances what’s the best team in the first half.

    Mistakes Yes Banham was given to space. It was a head of backwards from Salter that played him onside had he left it banham would have been offside. A very soft pen. That you would not always be given.


  • tracey tyler says:

    Roberts was a liability all afternoon, he is fine heading clearances all day but his distribution is awful and his long throws ??? whats all that about, Colin a little subdued yesterday and Pedersen tends to make at least a couple of blunders a game, if I were Blues if we got a really good offer for him I would let me go in the Summer and get Seddon back and Clarke Salter thought he was Beckenbauer all game long when he is clearly not, that said midfield did not give a lot of cover to the defense but he ho we are doing OK but no hope of a play off place now I would say so that said what will be the Boards verdict on Pep when he does not reach the Top Six as his remit stated???

  • tracey tyler says:

    The big negative was letting Bannen run the show just like he did last year, would have thought that Clotet would have knew that so I was a little surprised that Keiftenbeld was not deployed to snuff out the threat because he would have been ideal snapping at his heels and not letting him having the space to dictate the play which he did to great effect

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