Date: 14th February 2014 at 2:04pm
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Submissions to the Hong Kong stock exchange have revealed that there are three new investors into BIHL to the total of 24% of the parent company.

Who Are They?

Luo Chao Kui bought 8.51 per cent for around £3.5 million. Luo Chao Kui becomes the third largest shareholder in the company.

Lui Yuanjun has purchased 6.35 per cent and Lyu Yobo has purchased 7.81 per cent. Collin Tattum (Birmingham Mail) has said that none of these men are believed to have gotten involved for football reasons, it could be said that they see this as a business venture.

The Big One

As we reported here, the most significant purchase was the Chinese advertising company who bought into Birmingham football club.

Pannu has spoken to the media and revealed the threat of administration is not imminent in his opinion but spending must be prudent.

Money being raised for BIHL is beneficial for Blues in respect to it should stop money being taken from the club and being sent back to Hong Kong.

So when Zigic is taken from the wage bill, it would be possible financially to actually use that money to bring in new faces (wage bill wise).

But Blues is not turning a profit that is going to build itself into its former self, Blues needs investment and I don`t see that forthcoming just yet.

What is interesting is that the advertising group that bought shares actually bought shares in the club and not the parent company (if my understanding is correct). This could really raise Blues profile in China if they intend to market a club they own apart of. I`m sure that would bring in money directly to the clubs marketing department.

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