Date: 7th April 2016 at 9:43am
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ROWETT – Our manager has done an excellent job in progressing Blues from relegation fodder to mid-table certs. Now he will take us to the next level, assuming we can keep hold of him. The negativity has to stop. He won`t get every decision spot on, no manager will. He`s still learning himself. Given the circumstances, would Birmingham City attract anyone better? I highly doubt it.

END OF SEASON – The season is reaching its climax and Blues are now playing for pride. The season can still be seen as a success if results can pick up in the next few weeks. Hopefully, it won`t just fizzle out.

ATMOSPHERE – Where has the atmosphere at St. Andrew`s disappeared to? You can literally hear a pin drop. Once, I dropped a pound coin on the floor and the whole stadium looked round. Yes, it is that bad. And so un-Blues.

DELUDED – I read one Facebook post after the Brighton defeat- “The amateur manager has to go, bring in Harry Redknapp or watch the same rubbish for the next 5 years”. Unbelievable, ungrateful and deluded.

INJURY TIME – I can`t remember the last time Blues scored an injury time winner or equaliser. So when Tomasz Kuszczak trotted forward for a last minute corner, I was giddy with excitement. But it wasn`t to be.

NEW BOYS – Social media is a platform to voice an opinion, but sometimes I strongly disagree. On Twitter, a Blues fans claimed that our new signings (Buckley, Shotton and Vaughan) have ‘let us down`. How can that be when they have started only a handful of games between them? They need time on the pitch!

GRAY – It`s well documented (on this very site) that I wasn`t a massive lover of Demarai Gray. But since he was sold, Blues have lacked pace and energy out wide and our counter attacking play has become so monotonous and predictable. I apologise, Dimmy.

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