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The bizarre timing of Pep Clotet leaving Blues

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Today’s unexpected news that Pep Clotet will be leaving Birmingham City at the end of the season typifies in my opinion, how murky our club has become.

At a time when Clotet and staff should be concentrating on our next game against West Bromwich Albion in the Championship – we get this ill-timed news of him leaving.

Why now? Supporters will be asking along with what possible benefit is it with nine league games to go?

Twenty-seven points up are for grabs and the overdue possibility of a long-awaited win against any of our local rivals is surely more important than this departure of Clotet.

At Blues, we are always gobsmacked at events off the field and today typifies that. Nobody I would imagine is really bothered whether this Manager leaves or not and, of course, now all eyes will be on his replacement.

My point is about priorities and this barmy timing takes away the most important element -concentrate on getting as many of the twenty-seven points available in this final mini-league.

Who knows what might happen in this last period of the season – we could hit crazy form and fancy our chances for a sixth spot or we might fluff it and be looking over our shoulder. Today’s news is not good at this precise time and I wonder why it has to be now.

We as a club always appear to be hovering above controversy and my feeling is that this has come out for a reason. Heaven knows what that may be? Murky thoughts about it all may be overstating it but only time will tell.

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  • tracey tyler says:

    Pip Clots remit was the Play-Offs,he failed so I am not surprised at all by the Statement, its just a polite way of dressing up the Sack and as for a successor the media can come up with as many names as they want but the Board will want another yes man on the cheap and I would not be surprised if it is Craig Gardner, funny how none of the backroom staff are not going ????

  • Alwaysablue says:

    Stupid headline

    Time is everything to prepare for next season


  • Smithy says:

    Clotet perhaps disagrees with the way the Board want to go .This will be another saga that we don’t need.What worries most fans is the Bellingham situation and if the money will disappear once the cheque is cashed. ‘Murky times ‘ is what we continually live through as Bluenoses. As for Gardner and possibly Robbo. for promotion-then as Tracey says ‘on the cheap’.

  • Jimmy says:

    Now looking for our 9th manager since Mcleish left.

    Trevor Francis , Steve Bruce and Alex Mcleish were in charge for 14 years combined. We have had eight managers and two interim managers in the last 9 years.

    Real progress . Should have stuck with Garry Rowett or Harry or Garry Monk
    Oh well guess the owners know what they are doing ……

  • malcolm x says:

    Ok Guys I have an opinion on what has happened today in terms of moving forward. Just for once in the lifetime of our ‘illustrious’ owners, can they make a real impact and appoint a manager in the same quality that Leeds United did when they brought in Marcelo Bielsa. Hear me out before you shout…..Hardly anyone had heard of him despite being a recognised manager of quality, and to emphasise that the owners who had just come in said they were still recovering from previous ‘wild management spending’,and the new manager would need to first develop youth as well as identifying quality players from far and wide using his contacts to bring in but on a sensible budget. This has been clearly done for all to see, so the big question is..Does Ren and his Merrymen have the ability do replicate such a model? Of course we all know they haven’t, and that it wont happen….So enter Mr.Gardner,Robinson,Robbins or anyone else that can fill the gap on the cheap for a few months!

  • brushstrokesinparadise says:

    I actually agree with the comment from Malcolm X. His got his facts right(I have relatives in Leeds and they see the values that Bielsa has brought to their club, and not having to spend big money)) and makes sense to me. However as he rightly say’s does the current owners have the vision and depth of world soccer knowledge to be able to go to market to get such a resource? Like him I equally say no and worry that the next appointment will be very low maintenance! Good piece Malcom X

  • Paul Champ says:

    Cant argue with Tracey,Jimmy and Maclom X comments, all true facts and well documented. I cant see the owners coughing up the dough to get a decent manager in, they just ain’t got the understanding of how to run a football club in our world…back to my music, Iistening my 70’s collection favourite and rings some irony…’Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep’

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