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Report: Why the Coronavirus could ensure that Jude Bellingham stays a Blue

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Now I know that this isn’t necessarily the main problem in such a global pandemic such as this one, but it will certainly have an effect on how things are run at St Andrew’s in the near future.

According to a report from German outfit Kicker, the Coronavirus is potentially putting a stop to Borussia Dortmund’s plans to sign Jude Bellingham, because without games being played, there is no money coming into the club through things like TV fees and gate receipts. Money that was going to be used by the Bundesliga club to take a run at signing Jude Bellingham.

This could open up the door for Manchester United to come and try to sign him, or if the same problems are affecting them with the Premier League on hiatus, then it could scupper the plans for Bellingham to leave the club altogether.

The fact of the matter is; the Blues need the money on this sale.

Whilst Bellingham is very much a fan favourite at St Andrew’s, with the club’s current financial situation the way it is, the club really can’t afford to hold onto him, because what he brings us on the pitch, isn’t worth nearly as much to what he can bring us off it in terms of reinvesting in other players and helping the club stay out of the red (as much as possible).

Do you care which club Jude goes to if he were to leave?





So hopefully football will find a way to get itself started once again, and hopefully a club like Dortmund will be able to find the funds to get this whole thing going again, because whilst I don’t want Bellingham to leave, it’s pretty much inevitable at this stage that he is going to.

And if I had the choice, it would be Dortmund because of their track record of developing players, whereas I fear a trip to Old Trafford could result in another Wilfried Zaha type scenario.

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  • Ijaz says:

    You are wrong Blues DO NOT need the money. Getting a big transfer fee in will help in strengthening the side by giving a significant transfer war chest. However despite the reported money problems of our owners and huge borrowings the debt is being serviced with no immediate debt recall plans. This means there’s no pressure to pay back any monies any time soon.

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    This is a very contradictory post on one hand you say Dortmund will not have the money to sing him and neither will Man United.

    Then on the other hand you are saying you don’t want him to go but it is inevitable he will leave.

    You also claim the club need the money given the financial state but our club is not in any financial debt. So do not need the money.

    Club loans from a non repayable loan fund the big clue in that is the word (non-repayable).

    The reason for it being non-repayable loan is to not pay tax on your investment you do not pay tax on money you Linda out but you do pay tax on investment. Quite simple really.

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