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Report: Controversial pundit urges Blues player to reconsider his future after recent reports

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The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

That seemed to be the message that former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan wanted to get across when talking about Jude Bellingham and the seemingly never-ending battle over his future. Speaking to Talksport, the always controversial talked about the 16-year-old’s future and that he should be wary about his next choice of club:

“A young player of 16 years old, I know he’s prodigious talent and I know people are talking about him in the same way they talked about Wayne Rooney. But I had a kid at Crystal Palace who was talked about in this fashion called John Bostock, who made a move to a supposedly bigger club at that time in Tottenham, against the advice of most of the sensible people around him. He didn’t play for Harry [Redknapp], his career has gone to the left field and he’s now coming back into English football with Nottingham Forest 10 or 12 years after the event.”

To some extent, Jordan has a pretty good point, there are plenty of examples of players that were hyped up to be big things that ended up fading away into nothing, and as much as we might want him to do well, with some fans comparing him to Steven Gerrard, it’s still not a guarantee that he goes on to become a success.

Do you care what club Jude Bellingham goes to if/when he leaves?





But the question is, should we really be concerned with his development once he leaves the club, which judging by the amount of speculation about his future in the press seems to be edging towards an inevitability at this point.

I suppose we should only care about what club he goes to if we think that he’s going to develop as a player for if and when he comes back to us in the future if things don’t totally work out, think Wilfried Zaha and his move back to Crystal Palace after his stint at Old Trafford.

But other than that, and perhaps the fee that’s going to be involved, should we really be concerned about his future and which club he ends up at?

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  • Chris says:

    As much as I love Jude he is only one player, and although i would be sorry to see him go the sad state of things today means he’s very much a saleable asset and the reality is we need the money. If we got a deal where he was loaned back to us then that would be a great bit of business for the club.

  • WaycoolBlue says:

    If he’s sold we have the money if he’s loan back that would be amazing. But to say we shouldn’t concern ourselves with where he goes and his career afterwards is a bit unfair. Also the club should be thinking of his development and his well-being. And I’m sure a good 90% of our fans would feel the same way they wouldn’t want his career destroyed or brought down to a normal level. Particularly when we know the sort of lad he is in the future he could have even if he stayed with us. No one wants to see that wasted.

  • smithy says:

    Can anyone explain how BLUES can demand a transfer fee for Bellingham when he hasn’t signed a pro.contract. What is stopping any of the big clubs coming in on his 17th birthday and signing him for nothing

    • WaycoolBlue says:

      Because his parents act as his agents and they have agreed a preliminary contract with the club on their son’s behalf. Which will automatically come into effect on his 17th birthday. At that point the club can offer him a revised contract with higher wages longer terms. I’m of the opinion that Jude Billingham will sign that contract. Once it’s in his own hands no parent would sign such a deal on behalf of their child if it wasn’t what the child wanted.

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