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Opinion: Worrying trend starting to emerge at St Andrew’s as another player is linked with move

Image for Opinion: Worrying trend starting to emerge at St Andrew’s as another player is linked with move

Things might be getting worse before they can get better.

I’ve been speaking a lot recently about how the number of goalkeepers we have on our team going into the season has been rather worrying.

Well it looks as if I might need to start panicking about the low numbers at one other position in the near future as well, and that’s centre-back. According to a report from We Are Birmingham, the club are in the process of selling Wes Harding to an as yet unknown Championship club, although the general consensus under their tweet seemed to be Rotherham, but we’ll just wait and see on that one.

This is a move that would potentially leave us with only two centre-backs who have any first-team experience in the form of Harlee Dean and Marc Roberts, and with not much concrete talk on who we might bring in to bolster the squad, it doesn’t look all that great.

How much will Blues spend in this window?

More than £15m

More than £15m

£15m or less

£15m or less

I’ve spoken before about how the club needs to get the balance right between new boss Aitor Karanka getting the balance right between putting his mark on the club, bringing in people he’s comfortable with and selling off players he’s not, whilst also giving players he inherited a shot.

However, when it comes to the turnover of players, I’d much rather we wait to get players in first before we allow others to leave. This is what I said when Connal Trueman was being linked with a move away, and now we have no senior goalkeeper, and you can apply the logic across the rest of the team as well.

If we let players leave without having a replacement in place straight away, then we’re pretty much going to be down to the bare bones when the season kicks off in September.

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  • WayCoolBlue says:

    Wes Harding is a write-back not a centre-back we have plenty of centre-backs. Do you really believe AK would have a Letting Go had he not had a replacement in mind. There is most likely a few deals that have already been completed but but not yet announced.

    • Brian Taylor says:

      Hope you are right – maybe better to fly under the radar than let everybody know who you are going after. If you are wrong we will be pushing it to put a team on the paddock and hope to be above the bottom 3 for the January window. Either that or Karanka thinks the current squad can play a lot better than they did in the last nine games. We might need to borrow the scoreboard from the oval to record the goals against us when we play Spurs!!

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